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Florida State's New Violations Prove College Football Is Out To Get Them

Florida State just played an entire season, went undefeated, and got left out of the playoffs. , and now the NCAA is bringing up news that an NIL-related recruiting violation occurred inside the Florida State program. 

What in the world is this garbage? In the day that every team is allowed to pay players, and every single one does, Florida State is the program that gets busted. 

I now agree that college football is just out to get Florida State. The College Football Playoff Committee left them out of the playoff, and now the NCAA is coming after them for NIL violations. 

To make matters worse, Florida State is stuck in the ACC, and now, with the Big Ten and SEC turning into these huge super conferences, the ACC will be left behind. 

Also, head coach Mike Norvell is one of the favorites to land the Alabama head coaching job. 

When will it stop for Florida State? I'm starting to feel bad for this program; it has had to carry Florida and Miami for the state the past decade because those two schools can't get out of their own way, and now everyone is out to get them. 

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