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Florida State And Clemson Need To Jump Ship Before It's Too Late

If you have been living under a rock for the last 48 hours, then you probably didn't know that 13-0 Florida State was left out of the College Football Playoffs, and to make matters worse, two one-loss teams got in over them in Texas and Alabama.

There are a lot of arguments to be made about who should or shouldn't have gotten in. Still, the playoff committee decided Florida State wasn't one of the top four teams, and now Florida State and schools like Clemson should be questioning their position moving forward.

Florida State and Clemson have been the two most dominant teams from the ACC for the last decade, and they are about to find themselves at the pool's deep end.

In 2024, the Big Ten is adding USC, UCLA, Washington, and Oregon, while the SEC will add Texas and Oklahoma. The Big 12 will be adding teams, the same as the ACC, but none of which have huge brands like the schools heading to the Big Ten and SEC.

The Big Ten and SEC will be considered huge conferences now, and the Big 12 and ACC will look like their little brother. Looking at the College Football Playoffs right now, all four teams that made it Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama will all be members of the Big Ten or SEC in 2024.

In the last College Football Playoff Ranking, Florida State was the only team inside the top 13 that will not be part of the Big Ten or SEC next season.

You can already tell the committee is playing favorites to teams from those two conferences, and what do you think will happen next season when they all start playing each other?

Big Ten and SEC schools will get more of a pass if they lose games than schools from the ACC and Big 12, and we already saw it this season when they told us Florida State was not good enough to make the playoffs at 13-0.

The good thing is the playoffs will expand to 12 teams in 2024, so the ACC will have a team, but having two teams could be a legitimate long shot with the way the committee looks at them.

If you're Florida State and Clemson, you must be looking to get out of the ACC and find yourself in one of the big boy conferences. First of all, they will get a lot of money to help the schools, but they also need to position themselves in a conference that people will pay attention to.

The ACC is starting to turn into Conference USA, and the only two conferences anyone will want to watch are the Big Ten and SEC.

You might as well be forgotten if you aren't in one of those two conferences.

Players and coaches will notice this, and recruits will stop wanting to go to schools like Florida State and Clemson, and even coaches could leave. Maybe even Dabo Swinney would like to take a job in the Big Ten or SEC.

It sucks the sport is going down this path, but you better find a way into the elite before it's too late.

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