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Five Saints Trending Up/Down After Crushing Loss To Bengals

The Saints lost one of the best games they have played up to this point. In that game, we saw players stand out, some for good reasons, and others for bad reasons.

Saints Trending Up

Rashid Shaheed

The rookie Wide Receiver out of Weber State was elevated to the active roster the day before the game in Week Six. On his lone touch, he showed his blazing speed and took a sweep play 44-yards to the house.

While it was a small sample size, Shaheed should be a player who sees more playing time in this offense.

Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton may have earned himself the starting role for this team. He may not have the arm strength or zip on his passes that Winston has, but this offense seems to flow a lot better with Dalton under center. He was not at all to blame for this loss and I am excited to see how he can lead the offense against a struggling Cardinals team on Thursday.

Wil Lutz

Wil Lutz has been a breath of fresh air. Not having Lutz last year was painful when it came to keeping games close. Even after his unfortunate double doink, he has still been on fire as of late. Since that kick, he has made 11 out of his last 11. If he had made that game-winner, he would have a lot more hype than he does right now.

Saints Trending Down

Tyrann Mathieu

To me, this has been easily the most disappointing signings of the offseason. Widely regarded as a top safety in the league, Tyrann Mathieu has looked like anything but that. Watching him getting trucked on a weekly basis was bad enough, but watching him get dusted by Jamar Chase on the Bengals go-ahead touchdown was infuriating. There is only one that has trended worse than him, though.

Bradley Roby

Bradley Roby covering Jamar Chase is a bad enough matchup to haunt my dreams. All game seemed like Roby refused to cover OR tackle him. Having him as our number-one corner last week showed how important Marshon Lattimore is to this team. Bradley Roby is nowhere near top-corner talent.

The Saints will head to Arizona on a short week to take on the 2-4 Cardinals. Make sure to follow our social media @WhoDatHypeSR on both Facebook and Twitter and listen to our podcast on Spotify!


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