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Five Reasons Why Tom Brady Is Not The G.O.A.T.

Tom Brady's Record Number Of Super Bowl Rings Doesn't Make Him The Greatest Of All Time

Weak Divisions And Other Factors Paved The Way For Tom Brady To Win Championships

Tom Brady is considered by many to be the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. The sports media has had a long love affair with the new FOX color commentator. This title is based on the many records he holds, his long career of winning seasons, and most of all, his seven Super Bowl rings. However, there's more to it than all of that. Was Brady the most talented quarterback in NFL history? Or was he just clever and shrewd in how he approached the game? Here are five reasons Tom Brady is not the G.O.A.T.

Five: The Records

Many would argue that the number of records Tom Brady holds is just part of what factors into his being the best. After all, he's number one in career passing yards, career passing touchdowns, career completions, among many others. But when you look at the quarterbacks who sit behind him in all these categories, it becomes clear that Brady's 22-year career helped inflate these numbers.

Brady has 48 more games played than Drew Brees. 69 more games played than Peyton Manning. And 93 more than Dan Marino. So, of course, these numbers are skewed in Brady's favor. It's easy to conclude that, had any one of these other quarterbacks played as long as Brady, the career stat leaders would look much different.

Tom Brady confers with long time coach Bill Belichick.

Four: The Contracts

Tom Brady was notorious for taking less money on his contracts so that the teams he played for could surround him with elite players. The New England Patriots benefitted from this with incredible defenses and top-of-the-line wide receiver play throughout Brady's career there. He carried this same practice to Tampa Bay and a Bucs team that was already loaded with talent. A smart move on Brady's part.

Three: The Cheating

Whether it be deflate-gate, spy-gate, falsified injury reports, or the tuck rule, The New England Patriots benefitted from a lot of shady practices. Of course, many of these controversies can be blamed on head coach, Bill Belichick. Still, Brady reaped the rewards in the form of playoff and Super Bowl wins. During the Netflix Roast of Tom Brady, he even admitted to deflating the balls. I'm sure that was just a joke though. Right?

Two: Mediocre Divisions

While it's true Tom Brady racked up a lot of wins throughout his career, many of these came against the undeniably awful teams that made up his division rivals. Throughout his years with the Patriots, the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets were consistently deplorable. And when Josh Allen started to come along and the Bills turned into real contenders, Brady ran from the AFC East to the NFC South. He joined a Tampa Bay team with two elite wide receivers and a stellar defense. Oh, and he brought a future Hall of Fame Tight End with him. His divisional rivals, the washed-up Saints, wrecked Falcons, and God-awful Panthers.

Tom Brady Benefitted From From The Poor Play Of Division Rival Throughout His Career

One: Talent

There's no denying Brady had a brilliant football mind. The quick release, efficient short game, his utilization of the tight end position, not to mention the aforementioned willingness to take less money in favor of better players. And who knows how many ways he cheated without being caught. But it's hard to argue he had more pure talent than Peyton Manning, Arron Rodgers, or Drew Brees. Then there are the older greats like Montana, Marino, and Favre.

In the end, Brady still has the rings. Sure, they were mostly won by help from the refs, Adam Vinatieri's leg, a choking Falcons team, or just bad play calling (a pass? Really? Marshawn was right there), but can he really be considered the greatest of all time? In my humble opinion, no.


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