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Five Candidates To Fix The Texans Problem At Slot Receiver

With Texans Rookie John Metchie likely sidelined for all of 2022, who will take his place as the teams slot receiver?

After the sad news broke that Texans rookie receiver John Metchie III would likely be sidelined for all of 2022 due to a leukemia diagnosis, that opens up a spot for somebody to fill at slot receiver for the Texans. So who will be the man to take his place? There are a few players, some already on the roster, some in free agency, that Houston could experiment with.

Looking At The Roster

The most logical replacement is current Texans receiver Phillip Dorsett. Dorsett, the 29 year-old former Colts first round pick, racked up over one hundred yards last year in three games with the Texans. He was the primary slot receiver during Danny Amendola’s absence. Amendola retired on Tuesday. With Amendola gone, and Metchie likely sidelined for all of 2022. Dorsett is the favorite to replace them. While it could also be Chris Conley or Chris Moore, Dorsett will likely take his place in the slot due to his experience there. He also has a lot of upside. Dorsett’s speed and athleticism could be very helpful for QB Davis Mills. But, his inconsistencies throughout his career, and limited playing time last year are worrisome. If the Texans are worried about Dorsett, there are some veterans in free agency that they could look to acquire.

The “Texans Killer”

Every Texans fan knows the legend of T.Y. Hilton. For some reason, when Hilton sets foot in NRG stadium he transforms into one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. In ten games in Houston, he has close to one thousand and one hundred yards, eight touchdowns, multiple two-hundred yard games, with an average of 108.3 yards per game. If he averaged that for an entire season, he would total 1841 yards. So, it would make sense for the Texans to approach Hilton with an “if you can’t beat him, acquire him” type of mindset. Nonetheless, even if this superstition isn’t entirely true, Hilton would still be a good acquisition. At 32 years old, he is out of his prime, but the 4x pro bowler has still amounted to one thousand yards in the last two years, and would still at the very least provide some top-notch competition for Dorsett. Hilton is likely the cheapest quality option, so if we think Dorsett isn’t ready, or not good enough, we could bring him in. My Verdict: Consider

A Top Tier Slot Receiver

Another option is former Cowboys and Bills receiver Cole Beasley. Beasley is arguably the best player that will be in this article. The thirty-three year old Houston native has been amounsgt the top slot receivers for a while now. Beasley had around seven hundred yards last year, and a touchdown. Solid production, but a bit disappointing for what he had done before, Buffalo thought he wasn’t worth the seven million they were due to pay him in 2022, leading to his release. While his talent is intriguing, he is also a bit problematic off the field, Beasley has been a public critic of the coronavirus vaccine, and has caused drama. His fines have amassed to over 100,000 dollars. On top of that, he’s said that he wants “significant money” which is another reason he hasn’t been signed yet. He may not be the kind of guy that GM Nick Caserio would want in his locker room, especially with his expensive price tag. While maybe the most talented, Beasley might not be the best option. My Verdict: Stay Away

An Unlikely Reunion

Last; and certainly not least is a name that will be familiar to most Texans fans, longtime Texans receiver Will Fuller. Fuller is one of the best receivers in Texans history, and after a failed stint in Miami could he return? I’d say probably not. While ever-so talented, Fuller is one of the most injury prone players I’ve ever seen. In his six year career, he has never played a full season. And at Twenty-Eight, those injuries have got to have taken a toll on him. Fuller could be starting to regress, but because of his talent he will likely still demand a large sum of money. But regardless he is a fan favorite, and an exceptional player if (and that’s a big if) he can stay healthy. The staple to Will Fuller’s game has always been his speed. He’s one of the fastest players in the game, and would be an excellent deep threat for Davis Mills. But, he is probably not worth the risk, especially when we are in a rebuild, and trying to use our money wisely. My Verdict: Consider, But Only if we get Desperate

Final Considerations

While there are some enticing options in free agency, I say we stick with what we’ve got. I didn’t mention Odell Beckham Jr. who is still out there, but to be honest it’s pretty unrealistic that he would want to join a team in rebuilding mode, and it’s pretty unrealistic that Caserio would want to pay him the crazy amount of money that he’ll want. I don’t think it makes sense to spend money on a veteran when we already have a serviceable one for cheap. But if people in the Texans building believe that this year could be successful, then it would be understandable. We should save our money for bigger and better things, but if it goes astray with Dorsett during the season, I could see us bringing someone in. Right now though, it’s just not worth the risk. My Verdict: See How it Plays out With Dorsett

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