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Five Amazing Props I Like Opening Sunday

Football Sundays are back! We waited a long time for this and we could not be readier. With a few interesting games on the slate, there are a couple of props that look like they could have good bets, and better yet, they come with good odds.

Keep in mind, I am not a professional capper or betting expert. These are just some props that I like and think I have a good chance of hitting. I will get some wrong, maybe a lot (hopefully not). With that being said, follow at your own risk. Let's dive in.

D'Andre Swift 1.5 Receptions (over)

D'Andre Swift is playing his first game as a member of his hometown team and he gets to go up against Coach Bill and the Patriots. The Eagles wanted another receiving threat to compliment AJ Brown, Devonta Smith, and Dallas Goedart. They searched for slot WRs, but to no avail. They also were in the market for a RB with Miles Sanders leaving in free agency. D'Andre Swift to Philly was a move I predicted would happen weeks before it happened (and I have receipts) because it just made too much sense.

Swift is a Philadelphia native and was on the last year of his contract. This is exactly the type of situation that Howie Roseman attacks and capitalizes on. Swift will be a key part in this offense and it isn't for his rushing ability but his playmaking ability, especially in the receivng game. With the weather set to look like a rainy opening game, we could lok to see Swift get involved in the short passing game. Two catches seems like a good bet to make.

Brian Robinson 5.5 receiving yards

Brian Robinson has shown his toughness on the ground and off the field last season. But what many seem to overlook is his ability to catch passes out of the backfield. He has some softer hands than many expect, and once he gets the ball in space he is hard to bring down.

With Eric Bieniemy in town as the new play-caller, let's look at how his last RB1 performed in the passing game. Isiah Pacheco is not seen as a pass catcher, just like BRob, but he still had 6 straight games of 10+ receiving yards to end the season. He also had that mark in 2 out of the 3 playoff games they played. But I am just not basing it off of that or me being a Commanders fan, this is something we saw a lot this summer, especially in the preseason. All he needs is one catch to break this mark and that's not a bad bet to make.

Juwan Johnson Anytime Touchdown Scorer (+310)

Juwan is one of my sleeper fantasy picks this season and it's not hard to tell you why. With reliable playmaking ability at the TE position, he found himself a hot commodity in the middle of last season. He developed as a red zone threat as he tallied up 11 touchdowns in 2022. He now has improved QB play and has even developed a solid relationship with him.

While sitting down with his brother Derek Carr for an NFL Network segment, David asked for a sleeper on this team that he should pick up in fantasy football. Derek responded with Juwan Johnson. The two have connected all summer and with the attention being possibly placed on Chris Olave, that could open up a lot for Juwan. Not to mention that no Alvin Kamara and no Kendre Miller leaves Jamaal Williams as their main RB. Going up against a tough defensive front, they might need to air it out a bit more which increases Johnson's appeal. This has longer odds, so this could be for a riskier parlay you have. Or you could end up betting it as a straight. For +310 odds, it could be worth a lock.

George Pickens Longest Reception (19.5 yards, over -120)

George Pickens and Kenny Pickett developed a pretty fun-to-watch chemistry last season. Every time I watch these two play, I'm always expecting Kenny to throw Pickens a couple of back-shoulder throws. And sure enough, it does happen. their chemistry seemed to hit in stride towards the end of last season, with Pickens having 6 games of 50+ receiving yards out of his last 8. I expect that to carry over this season, as it looks like it did this summer.

His longest reception prop is at 19.5 yards. Pickens has gone over this mark in 6 of his last 8 games. Factor them being at home and going up against a strong pass rush and a contender in San Francisco, they are going to need big plays and quick to keep the crowd active and the Niners honest.

Los Angeles Chargers Moneyline

The Miami Dolphins will be without their best (and most important) offensive linemen with Terron Armstead officially ruled out Week 1. The Chargers have a handful of defensive playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, including a pair of high-end pass rushers looking to start the year off on a high note after a disappointing output last season. Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa will look to wreak havoc on Tua Tagovailoa early. This could affect his ability to get the ball to his playmakers deep, which is a staple in their offense.

Not only that, but Miami is also missing some important defensive players. This does not seem to be a good recipe going up against one of the highest-powered offenses in the league. Factor in them being at home with an even better offense than last season, I expect the Chargers to walk out of here with the W.

That concludes my props breakdown for this opening Sunday. Make sure you give me a follow (@CommanderSZN) for a shoutout if any of these hit, or to curse me out when they don't. Either way, tail at your own risk and bet responsibly.


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