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Final 2024 NFL Draft Board: #21-30

21 - Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State, 6'4, 254

Do you run a base 3-4 defense with your pick of the pass-rushing litter (The Atlanta Falcons essentially)? Probably not Verse. 4-3? Holler at me.

His powerful bear hands & play strength are immediately translatable as the best Tier 1 EDGE against the run, particularly crashing down as a backside edge. Conversely, Verse has the least pass rush upside among Dallas Turner & Laiatu Latu (Tier 1).

While the bend might be tougher to improve, adding moves to his bag with NFL coaching is coming in addition to his chop, bullrush, and inside moves. Verse has the safest floor of the 3.

Jared Verse RAS

22 - Graham Barton, OL, Duke, 6'5, 313

What do you consider Barton positionally? I imagine him playing all 5 spots on an NFL offensive line. Add the tape to his 100th percentile Center RAS, Barton can be an All-Pro there. The pulling ability with this athleticism... Most of his collegiate experience at Duke is at Left Tackle (5 starts at Center) and he showed through testing he can be an NFL Tackle. I think he can be an All-Pro Guard as well.

Honestly, I’m not sure I already don’t wish I had Barton in the Top 20.

23 - JC Latham, OT, Alabama, 6'6, 342 

This Tackle class is extraterrestrial. In a trade back, I think Latham can be the Chargers’ man for what Jim Harbaugh wants in an experienced, mauling RT. The Jets and Saints are two others circled.

Hot take: I think Latham is OT2 off the board. He has extensive RG & RT experience in the SEC, he's trained at LT at Alabama as well.

As you can see by the lack of RAS, Latham did not test. Has he been assured of a floor? NFL is going to be higher than the media.

24 - Olu Fashanu, OT, Penn State, 6'6, 312

The pass-blocking upside/ability is big-time elite, but legendarily small hands and lack of punch in the run game have opened a way for guys like Troy Fautanu, Taliese Fuaga, J.C. Latham, Amarius Mims, etc. to get in the same tier conversation. 

Only speaking on football and draft pick value, not his personal life or school, Fashanu should have come out last year in a much weaker Tackle class for top-heaviness and depth.

25 - AD Mitchell, WR, Texas, 6'2, 205

The best tester at any position at the NFL Combine. 3 College Football Playoffs appearances and clutch, clutch catches in all of them, 2 of which were National Championships at Georgia.

Sky high ceiling athletically, what’s the floor? If he’s drafted with WR1 assets (Carolina @ 33 is the floor), Mitchell needs to bring healthy consistency for a 17-game season along with his long-striding body control.

26 - Darius Robinson, DL, Missouri, 6'5, 285

I mistakenly put Robinson with the EDGE group before in this Draft cycle and I was wrong, he’s IDL. Yes, he has multi-role versatility across a front, but his athletic upside thrives inside between the Guards more than in a wide set where his first-step burst and pad-level technical touch diminish some of his power. He has moves in his bag (push/pull, club, etc.), but the productively edge-setting run defense set by his freakish build is where his money is bankrolled. 

27 - Edgerrin Cooper, LB, Texas A&M, 6'2, 230

I am interested to see how the linebacker class starts the run. Lengthy playmakers like Cooper will always be in style, and his body habitus is in current style for a WILL. 

We often hear "If this guy had been a prospect 20 years ago" with linebackers and running backs. Take Leo Chenal of the Kansas City Chiefs for example. Mid-2nd Rounder as a heavy, classic bullnose backer out of Wisconsin, Chenal would have been a Top 20 pick 20 years ago. Cooper is the inverse. The timing is just right with the shift to lighter, speedier, sideline-to-sideline defenses.

28 - Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington, 6'2, 216

How smart and aggressive of Penix to fully test at Pro Day... I don’t understand how Penix isn’t QB5 off the board. The ceiling is higher than Nix while Rattler is more so battling for QB6 with a QB7 floor. Penix's ability to drive the ball downfield productively is mesmerizing.

“He’s 24”. I won’t be complaining if I get 8+ years of great QB play, the QB/Age narrative is overblown by Draft media.

29 - Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia, 5'11, 186 

The route running is art and the tree is extended with McConkey. I can watch Sluggo on repeat in particular. Not to play adjectives (Video),

Ladd gives me more athletic/quicker Diontae Johnson vibes. Yes, it’s ok to compare Ladd to someone other than a white slot guy. Also, stop profiling McConkey as a slot, cut on the tape boys and gals.

30 - Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson, 6'1, 173 

The weight & subsequent run defense worry me enough with Wiggins that the sub-4.3 level freaky speed/athleticism and coverage skills belong more in the CB3, mid-late 1st convo.

Twitch is as good as or better than anyone in this class, and I understand anyone preferring the "good" or "highlights" of Wiggins being CB1. It is worth noting that Wiggins does not turn 21 until nearly September.

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