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Fierce Social Media Pressures Won’t Change This AFC Team’s Decisions In 2023

There isn’t a single NFL off-season that goes by without sports shows and social media suggesting what NFL teams should do with their roster. This is a generation in an age of where Madden video gaming, fantasy football, and social media allows everyone’s inner child to live out their fantasies of pretending to be NFL general managers. However, it appears that one AFC team is everyone’s favorite team to play pretend with.

Ever since the Miami Dolphins decades long winless playoff drought, sports show hosts and social media fans all seem to think they know what would be best. Some suggestions are plausible, but others are frankly stupid. For a small child to blindly believe Babe Ruth coming back from beyond the grave to play for the Yankees is actually more believable than some of the eccentric suggestions that some fans are making about the Dolphins.


Unfortunately, it appears that once again, Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is everyone’s favorite target for their annual criticism fix like a junkie needing a heroine shot in their veins with dirty infected needles. It is disgusting to the point of almost vomiting to watch sports show hosts and some fans act like he or she is more qualified than licensed medical professionals (who’s spent years in medical school), think their suggestion is better for Tagovailoa than what medical doctors examining him have suggested.

What is sickening is the hypocrisy of sports show hosts and some irrelevant social media fans when it comes to Tagovailoa. There have been some that act cowardly because they are too scared to make the same “need to retire” suggestions about other players that have suffered multiple concussions and some have even been carted off as well.

The truth is that the Miami Dolphins have already made their decision on who their starting quarterback will be in 2023 with the input from licensed medical professionals, not from the opinions of social media fans or sports show hosts. And for those fans who spend 50% of their day’s energy feuding on Twitter about what they don’t like about the team, doesn’t mean anything to Dolphins executives that are paid to make those decisions.

But the quarterback isn’t the only position that fans and media members are suggesting where change needs to be made. During the off-season, you will see people making social media posts that the Dolphins need to make this move, sign this player immediately, or a show host say that certain players would be a good fit for the Dolphins or some other team.

Yes, getting to be a fake general manager and receiving likes for attention on Twitter can feel good. Even exploiting the off-season with “potential player move” chatter for clicks on sports sites or social media podcasts for monetary gain can even be beneficial to people’s pocketbooks and bank accounts. The sports talk is definitely what makes the sports world go round. However, there’s no sports talk in the world that is the motivating factor for what a team does.

Fans Don’t Influence Dolphins Decisions

What is foolish is for a fan to actually believe that their multiple posts about a suggestive move the team should make is going to influence the decision of the team. Frankly, an NFL organization really doesn’t care what a fan posts on their social media account because they are already paying a professional to do the job of making general management decisions. And there is also a harsh reality that most likely that that Dolphins don’t even know who those fans are.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in discussing sports sites articles that start with ESPN or Fox Sports, etc… says this player could be a potential move for the Dolphins, etc. Fans feed off that energy and Disney, who owns ESPN, loves it. Fans are keeping them in business.

Yet, in the end, sports show hosts and social media fans don’t need to be so naive to believe that anything they say or post about the team is going to change the minds of paid professionals making professional decisions. It never has and it never will.



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