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Fascinating NFL Week Three Winners and Losers

Now that week three is behind us for the NFL season, it's time to dive deeply into last week's exciting matchups. With a rookie coming up big against a division rival, or the continuing struggle from one of last year's champs, and the total domination from one of the NFL's more exciting teams. Stay tuned with yours truly for your weekly NFL Winners and Losers.

Loser Josh Jacobs

Last year NFL's leading rusher got off to a rough start to begin the year with only 108 rushing yards in three games averaging 2.4 yards a carry and has yet to score a touchdown on 55 touches so far this NFL season. Comparing his numbers to last year he's down 2.5 yards per carry something he and Raider fans were not hoping for considering this is a contract year for the veteran running back. Hopefully, he can get back on track soon cause without him the Raiders can kiss goodbye any chances of making the playoffs.

Now with that said Josh Jacobs had every chance to feast in this game, what we got was 62 yards on 17 carries for an average of 3.6 yards a carry, along with no touchdowns. The worst part about it is the Steeler's defense coming into this game gave up 386 rushing yards in two games. Even giving up 106 yards to Jerome Ford the backup running back of the Browns so with that in mind this was a week Josh Jacobs could've taken advantage of but instead took another step back this year.

Raiders can't rely on Devante Adams all the time and you can't expect him to catch 13 passes for 172 yards and two touchdowns every week. When Jimmy G starts to hit the 25-30 passes mark, his play can get a little rocky as you can see from his 44 pass attempts resulted in three interceptions. If the Raiders could've relied more on Josh Jacobs this game who knows maybe they would have won this game with one or two fewer turnovers.

Loser Broncos

Man tough loss for the Broncos last week losing 20-70 to the Dolphins and almost being a part of NFL history forever check out my winner's section for that part. Considering last week when they blew a big lead against the Commanders you'd figure the Broncos would be more motivated this week to get the win. Instead, the game turned into a bloodbath in the second quarter and frankly never felt like a competitive game from the start.

Now one thing Broncos fans of the NFL should be upset about is how the defense gave up 350 yards rushing, that's ridiculous, especially considering that's from three running backs combined it didn't matter who ran the rock. The lowest average yards per carry by those three was 6.3 yards.

Even with Jaylen Waddle out of the game they still couldn't slow Tyreek Hill recording 9 receptions for 157 and one touchdown. Nobody could stop it even when the Broncos knew he was coming they couldn't do a thing to stop him from outrunning everyone and making some really exciting highlight reels for the NFL. One thing I do know is if the Broncos want any chance of making the NFL playoffs this year the defense is gonna have to start playing more like they did last year if they don't want to be in a shootout every week.

Winner Ezekiel Elliot

This one is more a shoutout so I'll make it quick because Zeke was supposed to be washed up now, not only did he play well last week but he's looked more explosive this year than in recent years not only did he hit 80 yards rushing but he averaged 5.0 yards a touch with 16 carries against the Jets. Considering the Jets have one of the better defensive in the NFL, we also gotta take into account that the Patriots also have another really good running back in Rhamondre Stevenson all signs seem to be pointing in the right direction for Zeke this year.

Winner Dolphins

I'm starting to get worried here as a Patriots fan I hate that I'm doing this considering this is my third time in a row now, but the Dolphins earn this every week. Not only did it look like a Madden video game score but the Dolphins were so close to making NFL History needing only a field goal to break the most points scored in a single game and they had the opportunity to do so I'm curious as to why they didn't. Could it be they didn't want to embarrass the Broncos anymore? I don't know but screw their feelings I'd make NFL History instead.

To start the NFL game Tua Tagovailo completed 16 passes in a row not throwing an incompletion till the second half of the game finishing the game with 309 passing yards to go along with four touchdown passes ending the day throwing more touchdowns than incompletions. Even with one of his favorite targets out in Jaylen Waddle, they still managed almost 400 yards passing I don't wanna know what it would've been like if he was there. You'd think Tyreek Hill has a quiet game right? Wrong 9 catches for 157 yards and one touchdown.

Not only was the passing game unstoppable to slow down but so was the rushing game gaining nearly as many rushing yards as passing yards not something you see every day. They finished the game with 350 rushing yards and a total of five touchdowns add all that together and the Dolphins averaged 8.75 yards a carry which is almost a first down every play I'm pretty impressed considering the Dolphins have no NFL household name in the backfield.

Winner CJ Stroud

Normally you don't see many rookies make this type of list simply due to the fact it's rough adjusting from College to the NFL especially, for quarterbacks but CJ Stroud has been the best rookie quarterback this year so far. Now I'll be the first to admit I was not so high on coming out of college simply because Ohio State isn't really known for having good quarterbacks translate well into the NFL Justin Fields is a good example of that. Considering some of the weapons he had I had my doubts.

Well, not only do I feel like a fool for believing that, but CJ Stroud is also fifth in the league for passing yards, something I'd laugh at if you told me that was gonna happen to begin the year. Now I only say that because who do the Texans really have at receiver an old Robert Woods is the only proven receiver on the roster right now. It's even harder to do what he's done without really having much of a run game Damion Pierce has really taken a step back from his promising rookie year.

At the end of the day, CJ Stroud finished the day against the Jaguars with 280 yards passing going 20 out of 30 for two touchdowns. Hitting fellow rookie five times for 145 yards and one touchdown seems like they're on the same page which is now starting to show on the field. With so much promise so far seems like the Texans have finally found their franchise guy for the time being. Now with week Three done stay tuned with yours truly for next week's winners and losers.


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