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Fascinating NFL Week Four Winners and Losers

With week four of the NFL season officially over, it's that time of the week everyone: let's dive deeply into last week's Winners and Losers of the NFL. So much happened this week with exciting comebacks from the unexpected, or how about the team that showed who's in charge of their division, and a particular team that's on the fence loses one of their best players? Stay tuned with yours truly for this week's fascinating NFL Winners and Losers.

NFL Loser: Patriots

Aside from the opening drive the Patriot's offense looked terrible and struggled to move the ball consistently throughout the game. Mac's struggles continued again going, 12 of 21 for 150 yards and two interceptions, his only touchdown pass was hauled in by Cowboys cornerback Daron Bland, yeah that's right I can make jokes. Even at one point, he was benched for backup quarterback Bailey Zappe who played not too much better. With how the start of the NFL season is going for the Patriots, fans should pray for Tom Brady's unretirement and return.

Now I'm not going to blame this all on Mac Jones, the special teams did give up a two-point conversion, and no Patriots running back reached over 35 yards. With no run game, it's hard to rely on your quarterback the entire game especially if he's just a pure pocket passer. Everything starts in the trenches in the NFL so I'm hoping the Patriots can start to be more consistent with their offensive line play cause without it they're going nowhere, and sometimes that's literal.

With the unfortunate NFL news of the Patriots promising rookie Christian Gonzalez likely being done for the rest of the year with a torn labrum, along with edge rusher Matthew Judon out for at least two months with a bicep injury. Things aren't looking good for the defense with losses like that considering defense was supposed to be the strength of this team I see a lot of sadness coming the Patriot's way.

NFL Loser: Bears

What a day the NFL was on Sunday, especially the Broncos vs. Bears matchup. Everything went perfectly till the dreaded fourth quarter happened being ahead 28 to 7 till the final minute of the third quarter. Justin Fields finished the day 28 of 35 for 335 passing yards and four touchdown passes with one game-losing interception, Khalil Herbert rushed for 103 yards on 18 carries with a touchdown reception, and D.J. Moore had his best day as Bear with 8 catches, 131 receiving and one touchdown.

How the Bears blew this beats me considering the Bronco's defense has the worst defense in the NFL right now. The Broncos even lost their star running back Javonte Williams for the game having to rely on undrafted rookie Jaleel McLaughlin for most of the game. With all the new additions on defense this offseason to only generate one sack and allow Russell Wilson to go 21 of 28 for 223 yards and three touchdowns for the NFL's Bears fans.

Just looking at the stat sheet you'd figure the Bears would've won like the Dolphins did the week prior scoring 70 points against the NFL team they're currently facing. Outgaining the Broncos in almost every single category possible, with 471 total yards, 6.5 yards per play, 26 first downs, only two punts, and had the ball for 33:49 minutes. What killed the Bears this week I think are turnovers, and pressure, but really what sealed the deal was the game-losing interception that Justin Fields threw.

NFL Winner: Broncos

Yeah that's right I'm using two teams from the same game, but they both deserve to be on here so they both make the list. Anyway, Let's give the Broncos credit for not hitting the panic button and coming back down by 21 points heading into the fourth quarter is something this team needed if they wanted to salvage the rest of the season and make it to the playoffs. This game proves they can win but can they do it every week in the NFL? Only time will tell but for now, they're winners in my book.

Now that's said let's get to the good stuff, despite losing Javonte Williams early in the game the Broncos were able the run effectively when they did. Having Jaleel McLaughlin rush for 72 yards on seven carries for an average of 10.3 yards per carry, he had three catches for 32 yards and a touchdown not bad for a guy nobody wanted in the draft this year. Russel Wilson had a great game going 21 of 28 for 223 yards and 3 touchdowns, and even getting the ball to ten different pass catchers.

Despite what the defense has been in the NFL lately, they did hold the Bears to only seven points in the second half after giving up 21 points in the first half. They had 4 sacks along with two turnovers, one of those being a game-winning interception hopefully a sign in the right direction for the NFL's Broncos fans, but I guess we'll see if they can capitalize next week against the Zach Wilson-led Jets.

NFL Winner: Khalil Mack

I'll try to make this one quick so let's start with how can you let Khalil Mack get six sacks in one game, and let him dominate the game. I get giving up a couple of sacks but dam six is crazy, you could've at least tried to double-block him it might not have worked but would've at least slowed him down a little bit. Well, he finished the game with ten combined tackles, six sacks, and two forced fumbles overall it was a great day for the NFL veteran pass rusher who now haunts Aidan O'Connell's dreams forever.

NFL Winner: Bills

Man, what a way to show who's the number-one team in the AFC East, and possibly the best team in the NFL, or at least in the AFC for now. Dolphins coming into this game were riding high after dropping 70 points on the Broncos last NFL week, well this week they held them in check only scoring 20 points. When halftime came they were up 31 to 14 and only allowing six points in the second half. Josh Allen finished the day 21 of 25 for 320 yards and four touchdown passes, pretty impressive when you throw as many touchdowns as incompletions.

Thanks to the efforts of Josh Allen and the defense the Bills beat the Dolphins 20 to 48 an important win so early in the year giving them the lead in the division. One thing that does worry me about the Bills is whether the run game can be more consistent as nobody managed to rush for over 35 yards but that could be more because their three top runners all got time to play. Stephon Diggs had a nice day as well finishing with six catches, 120 yards, and three touchdowns averaging a whooping 20.0 per reception.

Overall besides the loss to the Jets, the Bills have been looking like the team to beat this year in the NFL, with so much football left, and week four officially over I look forward to next week and seeing some of the exciting matchups we have. Well, that's all I have for you guys today stay tuned with yours truly for next week's exciting winners and losers of the NFL.


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