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Fantasy Football: Will Mac Jones Be a Top 12 QB?

Many fans are excited for fantasy football to return, and the stakes have never been higher for players. Many rookies and second-year players are looking to prove themselves, and one of them would be Mac Jones. l though he had a promising rookie season and brought the Patriots to a playoff appearance, they still fell short.

Will Mac eclipse 4,000 pass yds? – Powered By PickUp

Mac looks to improve and give fantasy owners a reason to pick him up. The question is if Mac will end up being a sleeper in fantasy or if he could be a bust.

Mac Jones Statistics

In terms of statistics, Mac did show out in his rookie season and was for sure the best rookie QB out of the draft class. However, his ranking isn’t the best in fantasy football circles. He was 14 h in touchdowns in the league (22), which isn’t the finest for a starter but he was the best out of all rookies.

He is also 13th in passing yards (3,801) and 16th in quarterback rating (50.9). He did have a great season, but the fantasy numbers just didn’t make the cut. It’s also worth mentioning that the Patriots are very run-reliant in their offense, for example against Buffalo when Mac only threw three passes.

Unfortunately, although his stats are good and could improve, it will be difficult with such a run-oriented offense and a short pass type of coaching on the team.

Mac Jones Fantasy Numbers

In terms of fantasy projections, it will be even more challenging for Mac to prove himself since he isn’t dependable to many. From last year’s fantasy season, he only had six games with 20+ points, and in the other nine, he finished with 13 or less.

In fantasy, he was ranked the 22nd quarterback in the league, and only 10% of league players started him. However, it could be because he was a rookie quarterback, and many didn’t think he would make good numbers, so the numbers may increase this year.

Mac most likely won’t be drafted until late or at all. However, if Mac starts playing well in the earlier part of the season, he could be a steal off waivers and push a team to victory in fantasy.

Mac Jones Vs. Defense

What will be even more challenging for Mac is the journey ahead of him in terms of defense. The Buffalo Bills were ranked the top team in defense last year in fantasy, and they play the Patriots twice this season. Other teams with dominant defenses in fantasy, like the Colts (fifth) and Ravens (11th), will face the Patriots.

Mac also has to worry about defenses that could improve, such as the Packers (13th), Dolphins (14th), and Browns (15th). The Pats are also ranked top ten in most challenging schedules this year, so Mac wont have the best numbers in fantasy if he can’t overcome the defenses ahead of him.

Mac Jones total pass TDs in ’22-23? – Powered By PickUp


Now it’s hard to say if Mac is someone to consider drafting or not. Its a big gamble if the quarterback spot but he’s definitely worth a backup spot. I see Mac Jones as more of a free agency sleeper in fantasy, someone who could do amazing mid-season and many people try to pick him up on waivers. All that matters in the end is what format you playing in, one quarterback or two quarterback leagues. In leagues with one he would be a bye week fill in, in two QB leagues he is a valuable second starter to have.

However, for those who do take the risk of drafting him and for all of us Patriots fans, he has improve. Either way, it will be exciting to see Mac perform against such top teams and see if he can improve from his rookie year.

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