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False Media Narrative: “Chiefs Are Figured Out”

Once upon a time, many analysts from many networks said the narrative that the Chiefs had been “figured out.” Kansas City started this season 3-4 overall through seven games. Two of those losses came on stupid mistakes, and two of the losses were the Chiefs getting blown out. Patrick Mahomes had a worrisome amount of interceptions, the defense was putrid, and all hope was lost, remember that? Well, I am here to tell you that that narrative was horribly wrong.

Fast forward to today, the Chiefs are gearing up to host their fourth consecutive AFC title game. Kansas City is 10-1 in their last 11 games; the defense made an epic turnaround, and the Chiefs are clear Super Bowl favorites. The narrative that the Chiefs are figured out should be thrown in the trash. Let’s break down why the Chiefs are not “figured out.”

The Offense Is More Patient

This is the biggest reason the Chiefs are not figured out. The Chiefs of old that threw 50 yard home run passes and barely ran the ball is no more. In the first seven games, Kansas City tried to do that, and it got them to a 3-4 record. Because a team as dominant as the Chiefs went through a complete transformation on offense, this shows they are the real deal. As a result, the Chiefs have appreciated the art of running the ball more and strategically beating teams.

The Chiefs had 17 turnovers through the first seven weeks of the season. However, in the final 11 weeks, they only turned the ball over eight times. The offense did not make a miraculous turnaround, in my opinion. They were always this good and found the right formula to beat teams. To say that a Chiefs offense featuring Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and so on is not good is incorrect. Turn off the narrative that the Chiefs’ offense was broken and “figured out” because the truth here is that they are better than ever. This offense has all the works of another Super Bowl title, which is the only narrative that should be produced.

The Defense Made A Colossal Turnaround

The defense has never been a strong suit in the Patrick Mahomes era of the Chiefs. This season saw the Chiefs defense be near the bottom of the NFL for the first seven games. The defense made an even more significant turnaround than the offense after that. They went from bottom three to arguably top three in the NFL. Therefore, the defense is another piece of the puzzle as to why the Chiefs are not “broken” or “figured out.”

You cannot convince me or any football fan that a team who has been to three straight AFC title games and won a Super Bowl in the past three years needed a turnaround. However, a turnaround did happen when no one expected it. The best part about it is that many analysts counted the Chiefs out early and did not consider a turnaround. This defense made a colossal turnaround leading to more chances for the offense to score. You cannot ask for much more out of the defense.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who doubted the Chiefs when they were 3-4 does not deserve to cheer for them now. There is a fourth home game AFC title contest on the horizon, a chance for a third Super Bowl trip IN A ROW; what else do you want, doubters? This team started rough and managed to fix every single mistake and are now right back in a position to win the AFC again. I would even argue that this year’s team is better than the 2019 Super Bowl champion team. This team fought and battled against the odds more than ever, and yet here they are atop the NFL again.

Find a different team to bash on because this Chiefs team is legit, ladies and gentlemen. Throw aside your silly hatred that the Chiefs are the new Patriots and appreciate them. Mahomes is still elite, and this team is still one of the best, if not the best, in the NFL. Find another story to write about because the story about the Chiefs being “done” or “figured out” is all but gone.

Cheers to the Chiefs for shutting out the noise and silencing the critics; another AFC title is one of the final steps to put the Chiefs in rare company.

How many more narratives will the Chiefs bust this season? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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