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Excellent Additions For Reconstructing The Dominant Patriot Way In 2022

The usual suspects on Boston talk radio nonsense about how the Patriots are falling farther and farther away from glory with the lack of playoff win since Brady left. They focus on the negative instead of the growth. This article is about reconstructing the Patriot way that got us to the promise land.

Mac Jones surpassed every expectation by becoming the first rookie QB in franchise history to lead his team to a playoff birth. In addition, he broke numerous rookie records with a developing WR core. As a result, rumors floating around the league that he could even be in the conversation for MVP!

Reconstructing Is About Stops & Scores

Mac Jones could be the most outstanding offensive weapon in Patriot’s history in 2022, but it will not bring them back to a Super Bowl. Bill knows that.

The saying “defense wins championships” plays on repeat in my mind. Statistically, teams that lead the league in offense fall short of a Lombardi trophy. But, even if they are undefeated, it does not matter. Any team can win on any given Sunday.

New England failed to stop the Bills from scoring in their final meeting of 2021. The defense looked slow during that game. Judon struggled to get off the line. Our secondary seemed invisible. Improvements need to be made.

After the initial fire sale of free agency, a lot of talent was left on the block. So, as the man with all the answers, I give you the additions New England’s Football Team needs to sign.

Trey Flowers (DE)

It’s time for Patricia and Flowers to build a bridge and get over their past. Blame Detroit, and everybody does it. But it’s a new day!

Flowers did not play many games over the past few seasons due to lingering injuries. However, he makes a difference on the field, finishing with a PFF grade of over 80 from 2017-2020. The Patriots have not had a defensive end finish with a high grade over the past three seasons.

Belichick could work out a deal with one of his former guys.

Anthony Barr (LOLB)

This may seem like a long shot, but Barr needs to make an appearance in the retro reds in 2022. Barr spent his entire career with the Vikings, playing a critical role in their smash-mouth defense.

Other than his ferocity, Barr brings experience to a young team. The defense is made up of a lot of talented young bucks who lack the expertise needed to make that leap. Barr has been part of some legendary Vikings teams that made noise in the postseason.

Bill needs to make a move before the Cowboys or Jets waste the rest of his career.

Julio Jones (WR)

He does not play defense, but how has this not happened yet? Julio Jones will be one of the most excellent receivers in the league’s history. So why not make him an offer?

Jones is a teacher’s pet. He does every little thing right. His routes are crisp. His hands are made of glue. He towers over half of the defensive backs who line up across him.

The Patriots resembled a professional version of the University of Alabama for decades. They pouched some of the best players from the program to kickstart a new era in Foxborough. Jones played his college days under Nick Saban. The fellow receivers and even Mac could develop a bond with Jones flowing onto the field successfully.

It’s time to grind. There has been too much silence surrounding Patriot Place. Nothing but good things to say about the franchise guy, but what about the pieces you plan to put around him.

Do your job so that the fans can do theirs.

I hope you had a Happy 4th of July, peeps.

Patriot Pitts

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