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Every Reason The Miami Dolphins Can Be Legit Super Bowl Contenders In 2022.

The Miami Dolphins have a legitimate chance of being Super Bowl contenders for the 2022 season.

Anyone that wants to use the excuse that Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel can’t win big in 2022 this year because he is a first-time head coach doesn’t know the history of the NFL. With every reason the Dolphins have to be Super Bowl contenders, the obvious is at the forefront. Two reasons that McDaniel can lead the Dolphins as Super Bowl contenders are Don McCafferty and George Seifert. Both McCafferty and Seifert were first-time head coaches when they led their respective teams, Baltimore Colts and San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl Championships.

Dolphins Could Contend For Super Bowl And Every Reason Why

For as many debates that it was because both coaches inherited teams that had Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana as quarterbacks, there are just as many counter-debates. Both Unitas and Montana never passed over 4,000 yards in a single season while Montana had a stigma of not having a strong arm.

Before recency bias dominates the conversation, it wasn’t because football was in a different era during those years. Unitas’ last season was in 1973 and Joe Namath had already passed for over 4,000 yards in 1967. Additionally, there were several quarterbacks that had 4,000-yard seasons during Montana’s entire career. The point is that to say McDaniel can’t win big with the Dolphins only because he is a first time head coach is no different than saying Jaylen Waddle won’t have 1,000 receiving yards because he was a rookie.

Another reason the 2022 Dolphins can be Super Bowl contenders is because McDaniel wants the team to bond together with unity. To be legitimately successful in football, every player must work together as a genuine teammate on a team. In McDaniel’s first press conference as the head coach of the Dolphins, McDaniel talked about creating a brand of Miami football that would come as a result of the players’ energy and how they bond together. McDaniel’s approach thus far has seemed to be polar opposite of the locker-room divisions and dysfunctional teams from the Brian Flores era.

Fans may point to the fact that Seifert inherited a group of talented playmakers that Bill Walsh built around Montana. But McDaniel, along with Dolphins general manager Chris Grier, have done that for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins this off-season. Some of the top acquisitions the Dolphins made this year were Tyreek Hill, Cedric Wilson, Terron Armstead, Connor Williams, Sony Michel, Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, and Melvin Ingram.

In a recent episode on Hill’s podcast, “It Needed to be Said,” Dolphins receiver talked about how there wasn’t a veteran presence from a receiver to tell him how things are done in the NFL when he was a rookie. On that same episode, Hill said he was in Miami to win a Super Bowl. McDaniel, as well as Dolphins owner Stephen Ross have also talked about winning a Super Bowl soon. Hill and Waddle both talked about how high the excitement and energy level has been in practices for the upcoming season. As veterans, both Hill and Armstead have spent extra time during practice to help with receivers and the offensive line.

The biggest concern for fans has been quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. His presence in Miami has divided Dolphins fans because of what some say have been a lesser than expected performance his first two seasons. But other fans have argued that his playing ability had nothing to do with his performance as much as it did with how his NFL development has been handled. Some believed Tagovailoa should’ve sat out his rookie season after coming off a major hip injury. Others point to Tagovailoa being put on a bad team that had a bad offensive line. The players and coaches who have seen Tagovailoa in practice have had nothing but high praise for him this off-season.

A great reason that the Dolphins could be Super Bowl contenders is that Tagovailoa himself has said that the offense is similar to the offense he ran at Alabama. While at Alabama, Tagovailoa was a Heisman candidate, broke and set several college records, and won a National Championship. While some analysts have criticized Tagovailoa’s past two seasons, there are other sports analysts that have said that the NFL is going to see the version of Tagovailoa that the nation saw while he was at Alabama.

When it comes to any reason for the 2022 Dolphins to be Super Bowl contenders, the reasons don’t just stop with one.

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