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<em>The Best Prop Bets for The Patriots Matchup Against The Jets</em>

It can only go up. I repeat that phrase constantly. There is no chance it can get worse. But unfortunately, not only have my picks been bad, but New England’s favorite football team has followed in my footsteps!

Patriots fans wanted answers on Monday night but were left with more questions. The quarterback situation needs to provide more clarity. The defense continues to step up to the challenge but finds itself on the field more than on offense. Even when the offense is on the field, it is not a guarantee they will score.

This week is different. The team travels to the great state of New Jersey to face off against the New York Jets. The Patriots have defeated the Jets in 12 straight games. It seems like a no-brainer, except the Jets look slightly different from a season ago. They are 5-2!

Things have changed this week. Not only for the Pats but for me too. Here are the prop bets I am praying come to fruition.

Patriots Star Pass Rusher Matt Judon Continues To Feast.

The Patriots’ defense looks incredible this season. Many players have stepped up, but Matt Judon is above the rest. He barrels through the lineman easily, forcing the QB to throw it away or lay on his back. His league-leading 8.5 sacks are a beautiful sight to see.

Matt Judon has 2.5 sacks tonight, and has the most sacks in the #NFL this season with 8.5 — NFL Stats (@NFL_Stats) October 25, 2022

Zack Wilson is not a good quarterback. He struggles in his two games against the Patriots. In his first game, he was sacked four times in his first game and threw four interceptions. He threw ten passes for 50 yards in his second game. Judon will make sure that round three goes a lot like the first.

Patriots Lean On Devin McCourty Stepping Up In Dugger’s Absence.

The Patriots ruled out Kyle Dugger, missing his second game of the season. The defense remains dominant in his absence. However, a few players need to step up in this vital game.

Devin McCourty has slid under the radar in 2022. His contributions are not highlighted on the box score. However, he will get it this week. There is a feeling in my gut telling me McCourty will pick off Wilson at least once. Wilson cannot get into a groove against the Patriots. The defense constantly rattles his cage, forcing incompletions and fourth downs easier than taking candy from a baby. The Jets’ 5-2 record is because of their defense, not their offense.

Rhamadre Stevenson Bounces Back Against The Jets

The Patriots’ offense needs a spark. They need someone to demand the team hops on their back and enjoy the ride. Unfortunately, the only player who can handle that task is named Rhamandre Stevenson.

Stevenson’s production took a nose-diving after rushing for under 40 yards. He could not bounce to the outside or plow through defenders. The Jets’ defense has been solid in 2022. Their defense ranks 11th against the run, allowing 105 yards per game. But the Jets cannot forget about ‘Dre in this game.

Stevenson will get things back on track with over 75 yards rushing and punching one in the end zone. The offense’s success hinges on the run game. It’s common football psychology.

Mac Jones Earns Back The Support Of Patriot Nation

I cannot believe I witnessed fans booing Mac Jones and then chanting for Bailey Zappe on Monday night. He played two bad drives! Devon McCourty is not wrong when saying Patriots fans are spoiled. We want immediate gratification because it has been considered normal over the past two decades. But, unfortunately, no one has any patience anymore.

Mac thrived in the middle of the season last year. In Week 7, Mac Jones broke free and threw for 300 yards and a pair of touchdowns. So who did he do it against? Yes, he did it against the worst football team in the Tri-State area.

History repeats itself; you have to look for the details. Mac begins to cook and throws for 300+ yards and a touchdown or two. But which receiver gets that touchdown?

Devante Parker Scores The Patriots’ Touchdowns.

Devante Parker put legitimacy in the Patriots’ receiving core. He thrived in Miami with his ability to make spectacular catches while running exceptional routes. However, he has not been able to showcase that in the Great North East since his arrival. But things have changed this week.

Parker made an unbelievable catch against the Bears last week. Zappe placed it in a sweet spot, something that Mac has yet to be able to do. However, things have changed this week. Jones needs to trust his receivers more. He seems scared to make those risky throws, so he does not turn the ball over.

Bailey Zappe to DeVante Parker. Thing of beauty. — Pats Buzz (@PatsBuzz) October 25, 2022

Parker can make those types of catches. He can even do so in the back of the end zone. Trust your guys, Mac. It is the only way to win. Parker may not have a lot of yards, but he’ll be the one who helps put the Patriots in the driver’s seat.

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