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<em>The Best Prop Bets for Patriots and Jets in Week 11.</em>

Death. Taxes. The Patriots stampeding the Jets. It is a tradition as old as time. They remind me of the little brother constantly competing with the elders. He’s got no chance in hell, but his fight does not show it. That is what we will see this week.

The New York Jets haven’t beaten the New England Patriots in regulation in 22 games. — Boston Cream 🍩 (@itsbostoncream) November 19, 2022

A stat that seems fake, but is true.

I want to see the Jets give the Patriots a run for their money. It may be the wake-up call Belichick and his coaching staff need. In their first meeting, the score did not represent the play on the field for the wrong reasons. A team scoring 22 points is impressive, but it becomes an issue when the defense does 90% of the work, it becomes an issue.

A middle school dance would be a perfect analogy for the offense. It is cringy to watch, but you can’t look away, hoping someone will step up and take charge. It shifts this week. The offense kicks into a higher gear. Bentley’s Boys take care of business on the defensive side. Nick Folk will keep being consistent. Enough rambling! It’s time for my prop bets of the week.

Zach Wilson Tosses OVER 1.5 Interceptions To The Patriots’ Defense.

It is impressive how badly Zach Wilson performs against the Patriots. Ironically, he struggles in all facets of the game except passing yards. What is it with the Jets’ quarterbacks against New England? The only one to have any sort of success against them was Mark Sanchez. He paid the price with a nice thanksgiving present from his center a year later. The quarterbacks with the highest expectations are the ones who bend the knee to the king fastest. Belichick is a wizard.

In his first three games against New England, he averages 200 passing yards, zero touchdowns, two interceptions, and sacks. He sees the field as a haunted house! Last game, I manifested Devin McCourty’s pair of picks. This week, it’s up to the man above who ends up with an interception. It’s going to happen; just a matter of when and who.

Mac Jones Revives Patriots Offense With Breakout Performance.

In his rookie season, Mac Jones played his way to a playoff game AND Pro Bowl. Patriots fans forget that as they chant for his backup to replace him. He is not the problem. He knows that and will flip the script against the nagging thorn in his side.

It is a fresh start for McCorkle. They have a warm-up game against the third-best football team in the tri-state area. Practices are challenging. Mac is going to come out firing from the jump. He will show it this week with a 300-yard game, two touchdowns, and a clean sheet in the turnover column. I’m feeling something this week.

Rhamondre Stevenson Steers Patriots Run Game Back On Track

The second-year ball carrier put the team on his back before the BYE week. The entire offense ran through his production. After his 161-yard game against the Lions, he has yet to eclipse the triple-digit mark since.

Stevenson led the team in rushing and receiving yards in the first meeting between these rivals. The rushing attack must be executed perfectly, which Stevenson has no issue carrying out. He’ll finish with 100+ yards and a score to put the cherry on top of the win.

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