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<em>NFL+ Gives Patriots Fans a Chance to Relive Legendary Games from Double Dynasty</em>

The National Football League announced its newest streaming service, NFL+, giving Patriots fans a new way to watch some of the legendary games in league history. The app seems to be a complete overhaul of Gamepass with some upgraded features.

Since this seems to be the NFL jumping into the streaming service arena, it gave me the idea to provide my Patriot Peeps something to watch instead of constantly hearing about the same three topics. The worst part is that the same views on these topics are shoved down our throats.

The NFL Wants To Cash In On Revolutionizing Opportunity.

The best part about being a Patriots fan is being able to relive historical moments. Moments that grew relationships closer. Games that gave some kid a dream. Could you imagine being a Jaguars or Panthers fan and not having historical memories to feel nostalgic over?

That is enough of my rambling; here’s a list of games to rewatch on the newest streaming service to raise your fandoms.

Patriots vs. Colts (Week 12 2003)

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning entered the game, nine and two on the season. The Colts had the home-field advantage in their cozy dome. Someone needed to make a statement in this legendary battle.

That Patriot’s defense was special all season. They were forcing turnovers on nearly every possession. Manning fumbled on the first drive, resulting in a turnover!

The Patriots jumped out to an early 17-0 lead after Detrique Ward caught a 35+ yard bomb from Brady. The Colts finished the half scoring ten points in seven minutes, capped off by a Manning screen pass to Marcus Pollard, cutting the New England lead to a single possession. That was until Bethel Johnson returned the kickoff all the way to the locker room. 24-10 good guys.

Brady throws his first interception of the game, leading to a Manning to Reggie Wayne touchdown. On the next drive, he would do the same thing to Marvin Harrison and again to Troy Walters. The game was all tied in the fourth quarter.

The moment of the game comes on the final possession. The Colts have four downs to score. They didn’t do it. Willie McGinest makes the play of the game on fourth down, marking a turning point in the season. We all know what happens next.

Titans vs. Patriots (Brady Breaks First Half Touchdown Record)

Tom Brady has a fetish for ripping souls out of his opponents. Brady proves why he sits in a tier on his own in any climate in a legendary first-half performance.

The Titans brought a surprise blizzard in the final fun moment of the Brady-Moss era. Fans sat in frigid conditions to watch Tom Brady throw touchdown after touchdown against a horrible Titans team. However, Brady’s accuracy remained pinpoint even in the stormy conditions.

It does not have the back and forth like the game above, but it makes you feel great to be from New England.

Sunday Night Football: Broncos vs. Patriots (2014)

This game taught me a valuable life lesson. Don’t go to bed until the clock hits zero.

Manning opened up a can of whoop ass in Gilette from kickoff. The Broncos’ receivers torched the Patriots’ secondary. The pocket collapsed on Brady too often. It was one of the ugliest halves of football I have ever seen. I had school the following day, so I went to bed.

My dreams became a reality as Brady flipped a switch, leading the team on yet another comeback. Brady did the unthinkable, again, coming back from 24 points to force the game into overtime.

Belichick outcoaches John Fox. Brady capitalizes. I read the headline the following day, not even shocked.

2015 Divisional Round: Ravens vs. Patriots (The Precursor To Deflategate)

Brady came back from not one but two 14-point deficits in this game. How could any Pats fan not put this in their top five?

The image of Julian Edelman making his best Tom Brady impression on Danny Amandola for the go-ahead score remains crystal clear today. However, one question still haunts me; how did Brady perfectly fit the GW touchdown in Lafell’s hands? See for yourself!

A fun fact about this legendary game is that it was the eventual start of Deflategate. So the Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh, tipped off to the Colts that the Patriots were under-inflating their footballs. Such a silly reason to be a tattle tail.

Super Bowl 49: Patriots vs. Seahawks (2014)

All six Super Bowls are on NFL+, but this classic between Brady and his Bunch against the Legion of Boom is the best.

The matchup has everything a football fan could ask for in the season’s final game. Chris Mathews caused problems for the Patriots’ defense, catching two touchdowns with over 100 receiving yards. A substitution was made; the broadcasters did not mention his name the entire second half.

Brady hits Edelman for the touchdown on a play that the team practiced the night before in the hotel ballroom. The Patriots did it! Well, not quite.

Of course, another one of these plays has to happen. I almost sent my fist through the screen when Collinsworth mentioned David Tyree. But I didn’t have to. A familiar face saved the day.

There are many amazing other games and content involving the Patriots on the new app. Unfortunately, there are not enough characters to express my excitement. But it’s worth the money. Trust me.

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