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Eli Drinkwitz Is The Cringiest Coach In College Football.

Missouri Tigers head football coach Eli Drinkwitz added another installment to his list of cringy moments today on social media. This makes it a perfect time to take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of the Missouri coach's most awkward moments. That were caught on camera at least.

Before I get Tigers fans all riled up, let me just say that Drinkwitz is a good person and a good coach. He's just awkward and makes it easy for people to make fun of him. He is also coming off an impressive 11-2 season in 2023. Another year like that will probably put him into the upper echelon of coaches in the country. Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, let's dig into Drink's most infamous moments.

Recruit Guitar Video

Let's start with his most recent 'incident.' Drinkwitz saw Brian Kelly's video dancing with a recruit last year and said, "Hold my beer." If I were this particular recruit, I'm not sure how I would feel seeing my coach acting like an 11 year old who just totally crushed a solo on Guitar Hero.

Wanting Brady Cook To Marry His Daughter

This is probably his most popular cringe moment. There's nothing wrong with a coach loving his quarterback. There's nothing (technically) wrong with said coach wanting his quarterback to marry his daughter. But wanting his quarterback to marry his underage daughter? Ehhhh not the best thing to say into a microphone. Being a teenager is already the most awkward time of your life. You don't need your famous dad saying he wants his QB to marry you to make it worse.

"We Stand On Business, Josh."

Probably his most awkward on field moment came after a dominant 36-7 win over Tennessee. He went up to shake Josh Heupel's hand after the game and said, "We stand on business, Josh." As far as I know, there is no bad blood between Drinkwitz and Heupel. Tennessee did put up 66 points on Mizzou in back-to-back years leading up to this game, so it could be a measure of revenge for that. But it just feels like a strange thing to say to a coach who isn't one of your main rivals. It doesn't help that he headed in the opposite direction immediately after saying it.

Basketball Celebration

This one is obviously completely harmless, but man is it funny. This looks like how a youth minister would celebrate to fit in with his fellow kids. Expert Twitter user, Lane Kiffin, even got in on the action over this clip.

By his own admission, Drinkwitz is a, "dorky white dude." I'm sure Mizzou fans are more than willing to tolerate these moments if it means more 11-2 seasons. However, the internet is not ready to let him live down his most embarrassing moments.

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