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Eight Reasons To Be Hyped For This NFL Team In Potentially Dazzling 2022 Season

The Miami Dolphins fans should be hyped for the 2022 season for several reasons.

The Top Eight Reasons To Be Hyped For The Dolphins Season

8. Improved offensive line

One reason for Dolphins fans to be hyped is because of the improved offensive line. The Miami Dolphins offensive line was the worst in the NFL last year. It was clear that the Dolphins wanted to fix this issue by signing whom many consider the best tackle in the NFL, Terron Armstead. They also added Connor Williams, a guard that was graded 11th on PFF. Add this veteran presence with the youth that the Dolphins accumulated in prior years’ drafts with Austin Jackson, Liam Eichenberg, and Michael Deiter, serious development and a vastly improved offensive line is anticipated.

7. Improved running game

Another reason for the Dolphins fans to be hyped is because of the improved running game. With the improved offensive line comes a massive benefactor in the run game. However, the Dolphins weren’t content with just improving the line in this regard. The signings of Raheem Mostert, Sony Michel, and Chase Edmonds made that clear. They spent big money on upgrading this aspect of the team, showing clear signs that Myles Gaskin wasn’t the answer. There’s also high praise for the undrafted free agent Za’Quandre White. Between the additions of the running backs and the improvements to the offensive line, there are lots of expectations that this will be one of the best running attacks in the game.

6. Mike McDaniel

The former run game and offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, Mike McDaniel took the job of head coach for the Miami Dolphins. It was evident immediately upon being hired that his desires to improve the offensive line and running game were his top priority. He has also brought a youthful swag to him that is clearly resonating with all the players in the locker room. The natural reaction is to tether expectations when it comes to first year head coaches. But many believe that he’s a genius when it comes to football. If he brings even a fraction of what the 49ers had done in recent years, there’s plenty to be excited about.

5. Tua Tagovailoa

It feels like the roller coaster ride of ups and downs on how the team felt about quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has finally ended with the firing of Brian Flores and hiring of McDaniel. Three years removed from his career altering hip injury he’s clearly at last 100%. Now Tagovailoa has a head coach that believes in him and wants to work with him. Pair that up with the upgrades to the rest of the offense so far and it appears this quarterback is primed for a massive break out year that all Dolphins fans have been clamoring for.

4. Jevon Holland

During the first four games last year, Jevon Holland was used either incorrectly or didn’t have it figured it yet. Either way it was clear after that, both the team and Holland had it figured out. He registered 16 pressures from 65 pass-rushing snaps against a Baltimore Ravens team that in recent memory dominated the Dolphins. Holland’s hard hits and two interceptions over the year put him on the map and was graded as a top safety numerous times through the end of the 2021 campaign. It’s very clear he is becoming a top-of-the-league player.

3. Jaelan Phillips

Many considered Jaelan Phillips to be the past rusher out of the 2021 draft. He definitely did not disappoint during his first year in the NFL. He racked up 26 quarterback pressures and eight and a half sacks on his rookie campaign. There’s a narrative that the Dolphins defense can go from great to elite if he can take another step forward. The pressure added by the pass rush on this team combined, with the lethal secondary of Jevon Holland, Xavian Howard, and Byron Jones puts this defense in contention of one of the best defenses in the league.

2. Wide Receivers

The Dolphins added both to the running back group and offensive line. The last addition was toward the wide receiving core. They added Trent Sherfield, Cedric Wilson, and the largest acquisition in the entire NFL this offseason, Tyreek Hill. The weapons needed to turn any mediocre receiving group into one of the best. It’s clear this room has been massively upgraded. Giving options for their quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and allowing for Mike McDaniel to use his creativity to send an insane amount of speed all over the field.

1. Tyreek Hill

I know I just listed the wide receivers, but this acquisition belongs in its own category. Tyreek Hill adds so many aspects of the game to this team between using him out of the backfield to using him on special teams, he affects every caliber of the game. Put that with the creativity of Mike McDaniel and Dolphins fans should be salivating at the possibilities. As a bonus, it’s clear that he’s fully supportive of Miami’s quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. The hype for this team is at an all-time high with this one addition alone. I for one am hyped and can hardly wait for the season to get started.



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