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Eagles Send Investigator For Deshaun Watson

It seems like every NFL team in need of an elite quarterback has considered trading for Deshaun Watson. The Eagles are no different. Howie Roseman has sent an investigator to Houston to learn more about Watson’s situation. The investigator sent by the Eagles is also charged with the duty of communicating with Rusty Hardin, Watson’s attorney.

Deshaun Watson’s Legal Case

In total, Watson is facing 22 civil counts of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. The Harris County district attorney will likely decide in the next few weeks if Watson will be charged criminally. If the allegations are true, it would be another, tragic instance of a talented player using his power and status to get away with the wrong treatment of women.

But if the allegations are false, it wouldn’t be the first time that women receive compensation for taking advantage of rich athletes. Similar cases like Deshaun Watson’s have gone in many different ways and this would be up to the judicial system.

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Fit For Philadelphia?

If the Eagles can bring in Deshaun Watson, Jalen Hurts would clearly be out. Hurts is a quarterback who isn’t an elite starter, but also is too good to be a backup. Nothing can divide the Eagles fan base like the argument for or against Jalen Hurts being the starting quarterback.

The Eagles could consider trading Hurts along with the package to bring in Watson. Hurts could be a solid quarterback who can supplement a rebuilding franchise like the Texans.

It’s no question that the Eagles want Deshaun Watson, but there is a question of how much the Eagles would be willing to give up. The Houston Texans are still asking for a high price for a player like Deshaun Watson. Their general manager, Nick Caserio wants to receive three first-round picks, several mid-round selections, and a proven player. The Eagles have three first-round picks in 2022 and can make a big trade, but it comes with obvious risks to the team’s future.

If Deshaun Watson doesn’t play for Houston next season, here are SportsLine’s odds to where he’ll end up: Panthers +300 Eagles +500 Vikings +700 Steelers +1000 Bucs +1200 Saints +1500 Dolphins +1800

Eagles Trade Options for Deshaun Watson

Watson has a no-trade clause on his contract which gives him all of the leverage. If Watson doesn’t want to play for a rebuilding team, he has the right to refuse.

Among other top quarterbacks that the Eagles considered getting was Russell Wilson. Washington sent a “strong” offer to Seattle for Wilson and were denied. A few days later, the Broncos successfully traded for him. With Wilson out of the picture, the Eagles could consider negotiating for Aaron Rodgers, but the Packers would want a lot in return for dishing out a back-to-back NFL MVP winner.

A few months ago, during the 2021 regular season, the Dolphins made a big offer for Deshaun Watson. They were willing to give the Texans three first-round picks and two second-round picks for Watson. But a part of the trade was Watson’s requirement that he would settle the case with all 22 women. Since that didn’t happen, the trade blew over.

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