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Eagles Offense: Three Breakout Candidates

While the defense has a chance to be something special, let’s not sleep on the Eagles’ offense. With the addition of A.J. Brown, the wide receiver room is elite for the first time in years.

Add that with a third-year quarterback in Jalen Hurts and one of the best lines in football, things can get dangerous. While the offense is young and many players have the opportunity to turn it up this year, these three will be getting their flowers this year.

Eagles Wide Receiver: Devonta Smith

Not enough can be said about Devonta Smith. He was one of the best young wideouts in the game last season and set the rookie franchise record for yards. A.J. Brown will garner most of the top corners they’ll be facing, leaving Smith with single coverage and CB2’s. Many people will take Smith in those situations, and it can lead to big numbers.

CB: Darius Slay, James Bradberry WR: A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith The Eagles have struggled at cornerback and wide receiver over the last decade. Having these two duos is a breath of fresh air. — Brenden Deeg (@BrendenDeegNFP) August 3, 2022

Quez Watkins was heavily considered for this spot and he will do amazing, but Smith could very well take an All-Pro level jump. The elite route running and great hands is a combo that’s been working in this league to stay above the rest. Tag that with Smith’s love for blocking and you have an elite pass catcher on your hands.

Eagles Running Back: Miles Sanders

Every year, Miles Sanders is in the talks of breaking out into an elite back. With a contract year approaching, Sanders really has no choice but to hope he stays healthy. When on the field, Sanders is a star runner in this league. Averaging 5.1 yards a carry for your career is a credit to a great offensive line, but also some elite vision and elusiveness. This Eagles’ offense can reach the top if Sanders can stay healthy and gets the workload.

Miles Sanders has looked awesome in training camp. Looks quicker and more explosive #Eagles — Eliot Shorr-Parks (@EliotShorrParks) August 9, 2022

Eagles Quarterback: Jalen Hurts

What’s an Eagles offense breakout list without the biggest question mark on the Eagles success? The receivers are there, the backfield is amazing, and the offensive line has been waiting. Jalen Hurts will truly be the deciding factor for this Eagles’ offense and team success. Jalen Hurts was a pro-bowl alternate last season and put the Eagles into the playoffs. Now it is time to turn things up. Hurts will put together a Pro-Bowl season to go along with some playoff wins this time around after snagging a top seed and 13 wins.

If Jalen Hurts taps into some of his sky-high potential, this Eagles’ offense can be special. These guys are a team full of rockstars just waiting to pop off.

Honorable Mentions

This offense is too loaded to not mention some of these names. As stated earlier, Quez Watkins will thrive in a true WR3 role, and two great guys with him. Kenneth Gainwell will have a year extra of experience and can end up being the second back to Sanders and RB1 if needed.

Finally, let us pray that Jalen Reagor is among these names of breakout stars when the season kicks into gear. The talent is there and the team supports him. The former first rounder has fought the mental struggles and is ready to put it on display.

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