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Eagles Debuting A New Helmet Later This Season

The Philadelphia Eagles are debuting a new helmet later this season. This new black helmet will be the team’s official alternate helmet design matching their popular black uniform. It will be worn in three games that are likely to have major playoff implications.

The black uniform has been a good luck charm for the Eagles. Philadelphia won both their matchups wearing the black jersey last season along with many other big-time wins since the jersey was unveiled in 2003. Here are the three games where the Eagles will wear their new black helmet and jersey combo.

Week 12: Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have been one of the NFC’s most successful regular season team in recent years. Green Bay is coming off three straight 13-win seasons but just have not put together a successful playoff run. If the Eagles continue to play at a dominant level, this Sunday Night Football matchup could potentially decide which team gets the coveted first round bye in the playoffs. Since the addition of a third wildcard team in 2020, only one team per conference gets a bye week in the postseason.

A win over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers would be a huge statement win for the Eagles as they look to establish themselves as NFC contenders.

Week 16: At Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles will travel to Dallas on Christmas Eve in what could decide the NFC East in a Saturday matchup. Dallas usually prefers to wear white at home which will allow the Eagles to wear either their midnight green or black.

The Cowboys will hope to have Dak Prescott back as their starting quarterback to keep pace with the Eagles. The NFC East will likely come down to the Eagles and Cowboys, so this will be a major game for both teams.

Week 18: New York Giants

The Philadelphia Eagles will host the Giants in the final game of the season. New York is an improved team, but the Eagles are deeper in talent. It is possible this game decides the NFC East, but the Eagles will hopefully be playing for higher playoff seeding by the time January comes.

In Conclusion

It will be great to see the Eagles finally have a matching helmet to their black uniform. This is possible because the NFL as of 2022, will allow teams to have two helmets The NFL previously allowed teams only one helmet due to player safety concerns. Don’t get too used to the black as the Eagles will switch to a kelly green alternate helmet and jersey starting in 2023.

Which black-out game are you most excited for? Check out our latest content and don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more Eagles coverage!

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