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Eagles Backup QB Report

The Eagles are hoping Jalen Hurts blossoms into a franchise quarterback to lead them for the next decade. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see any of the backup QBs. Whether it’s injury, a blowout win, or a bad loss, the backup QB can be seen every now and then. Let’s check up on our clipboard heroes.

QB2- Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew is one of the best insurance guys to have in the league. While he doesn’t replicate Hurts’ playstyle, the first backup QB is hard to gameplan due to that. He can’t rely on his legs to beat you, but that leads him to make quick and easy decisions while chopping up the field. Minshew was poised in the win against the Browns and had a great performance last season against the Jets in Hurts’ place. No need to worry about Minshew, as he may be the only other backup QB to make the cut.

QB3- Reid Sinnett

Reid Sinnett has not been great by any means so far, but he puts points up. He has thrown a touchdown in each of the preseason games so far, including a 55-yard strike to Devon Allen against Cleveland. He had no interceptions which is always a good thing. The Eagles need to be deeper at other positions so keeping two backup QBs is not ideal. If they did want a third QB, then Sinnett is a decent option.

QB4- Carson Strong

The rookie, Carson Strong, has not been making any impressions at all with just one pass attempt this preseason. Strong will not be making the roster and that is all but written. Hopefully, he can find a stride on the practice squad or elsewhere.

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