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EA Sports College Football Cover Athletes Preview

Let's begin with what we have already figured out. We are aware that the chosen candidates will consist of three athletes. One of these three players is most likely a definite pick, but we'll discuss that later.

We also know that the athletes will be from specific conferences, such as the Power Four, excluding the ACC. However, what is not known yet is who will be featured on the cover. It has been confirmed that it will not be Nick Saban, any sports mascot, or even a former Heisman Trophy winner. The last thing they said is one will shock us.

Who Can It Be?

Based on what we know, the cover athletes for college football must be highly marketable above all else. Regarding marketability, the Texas Longhorns are the most lucrative team in college football.

They are currently being led by senior quarterback Quinn Ewers and are still the only team in college to have their own ESPN network channel for a few more months, making them even more marketable. I think Quinn Ewers would be the best player to use for the cover if the player comes from Texas.

The second player is coming from Colorado, and this is a guarantee. The media seems to be quite fond of Colorado and Deion. Shedeur Sanders or Travis Hunter is likely to receive their attention. I think Travis Hunter is the most talented player on the team, as he plays two positions. To be honest, this may be the most sought-after copy. More than likely, this is the one I will purchase.

We've had a quarterback and a defensive back/wide receiver, but running back is the most likely position for any cover athlete. They have hinted that one of these players will be a surprise. However, it is worrying that there is no Big Ten player, especially after Michigan won the National Championship.

Therefore, I believe that the final cover athlete should be from the National Champions, the Michigan Wolverines. It's worth noting that no player who went to the NFL can be on the cover, so Corum is out of consideration. Based on these factors, I predict the surprise cover athlete will be Donovan Edwards.


At the end of the day, nothing is guaranteed, but based on the information that has been released, I believe that I am very close to being correct. I predict that these will be the individuals featured on the cover. If I end up being right, please remember that I was the first to tell you.

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