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Dust-Up On The Defensive Side In Washington: Defensive Coordinator Impeached

Despite a terrible Thanksgiving performance from their football team, Washington fans (and even players) can wake up on Black Friday with a smile on their faces. Head Coach Ron Rivera has announced this morning that now *former* defensive coordinator of the Commanders, Jack Del Rio, had been relieved of his duties. He has also announced that former Washington Defensive Backs coach has also been relieved.

Washington's defense is in the midst of one of their worst defensive seasons of all time. They allowed rookie QB Tommy DeVito to have a field day despite being sacked 9 times (no offense Tommy DeVito). The defense is clearly the weakest link on this team, and that should not be the case when you have above average talent on the unit. That should also not be the case when your offense is growing with a young quarterback.

Infamous for his comments about the January 6th "dust-up", Del Rio is responsible for leading the worst scoring defense in the NFL. Washington is currently allowing 29 points per game this season, and 35 points per game in their last three games. He is responsible for leading the worst passing defense, which is ranked dead last in passer rating allowed of 104.0. Offenses were having no issues executing their game-plan and putting points on the board. This change was more than necessary.

The defensive play-calling duties will now be held by Ron Rivera, but some fear that might not be any better as Rivera is dealing with a hot seat of his own. Josh Harris and management plan on evaluating Rivera after the season, unless "unforeseen circumstances" occur.

One thing is for sure, Washington can breathe a little easier now knowing that change is on the horizon.


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