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Duke Star Gets Hurt Due To Court Storming At Wake Forest

Duke went into Wake Forest on Saturday afternoon and went up against a team that needed a win to keep their tournament hopes alive.  

Wake Forest would pulled the upset, knocking off Duke 83-79, and of course, in college sports, with any big upset, the fans stormed the court.


Duke players were trying to get off the court, and Duke star forward Kyle Filipowski was seen getting trampled by Wake Forest fans and starting to limp off. Duke players ran over to help Filipowski off the court. 

It looks like Filipowski was in severe pain and yet to know what happened to him and what his injury is, but it didn't look good. 

Court Storming has been a controversial subject in the past, and earlier this college basketball season, we saw Iowa women's star Caitlin Clark get run over by a fan at Ohio State after the Buckeyes knocked off Iowa. 

Later, a video came out and showed Clark running into the fan, causing the contact, but this time with Filipowski, he was run over by a storm of fans. 

Storming the court is one of the most incredible things in sports, and there should be a place for it, but causing harm to athletes is what I have an issue with. 

No athlete should be injured because fans can't control themselves. Every school storms the court, so this isn't just about one school. Harming players is uncalled for, and there needs to be a way for the opposing players to leave the court before fans rush on it. 

If fans don't learn to control themselves, the excellent tradition of storming the court will be gone, and we will lose out on some epic scenes in sports. 

I don't know how you can stop 10,000 students from running onto the floor all at once, but if fans can't control themselves, something must change. 

It's a shame to see such a great player get injured because of this, and hopefully, he is okay. 

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