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“Don’t Get It Twisted!” Humility Isn’t Same As Lack Of Confidence, Says Dolp

Tua Tagovailoa says he has confidence in himself. He just doesn’t want people to confuse that with humility.

Miami Dolphins Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t want people to think his humility is a sign of weakness. Tyreek Hill‘s fourth episode of his new podcast, “It Needed to be Said,” was released late Thursday night. His guest was Tagovailoa who said, “I don’t want people to get it twisted. I am very humble. But I don’t want that to get in the way of me not being confident in myself. I’m very confident.”

Tua Tagovailoa Says Humility Isn’t Lack Of Confidence

Humility and modesty are two words that have been used simultaneously throughout Tagovailoa’s young career to describe him. But Tagovailoa was put in a relaxed setting with teammate, Hill, who encouraged him to loosen up at the beginning of the podcast. By doing so, Tagovailoa revealed a more rare and candid side of himself than media and fans normally see.

Tagovailoa has been the punching bag of criticism and jokes without context by sports media and fans alike since he’s been with the Dolphins. And he knows it.

When Hill’s co-host Julius Collins asked Tagovailoa about his chemistry with Hill, Tagovailoa threw shade at his critics with jest. Tagovailoa joked, “I don’t think it’s good enough. I’ve been underthrowing him so many times.” Because Collins knew media and fans criticized a practice video of Tagovailoa, he said, “Don’t say that on here.” Tagovailoa smiled and said, “You got people talking, saying I can’t throw the deep ball.”

Hill, Collins, and Tagovailoa could laugh at the criticism since they know the media and fans have lied about his ability to throw the deep ball. Tagovailoa is confident because he knows he does throw the deep ball and there are documented videos of him doing it.

Another narrative surrounding Tagovailoa’s humility was reports from media that he lacked leadership qualities. But Hill and Tagovailoa answered that myth directly. Tagovailoa presented the lack of leadership narrative about him is flawed when discussed an incident involving extra practice.

When Tagovailoa asked Hill about what he thought about going to another part of the facility to practice, Hill told him, “Man, you know you are the quarterback? You tell us where to go and we will follow. That’s it.” But Tagovailoa explained that he knew he was the quarterback but was trying to get a feel of the receiver room.” As the podcast continued, it became clear that Tagovailoa didn’t lack leadership skills. It was more as a leader, he wanted to get feedback from his teammates to know where they stand.

Tagovailoa said that he wasn’t much of a talker while he was the quarterback at the University of Alabama. But he said he felt like he was a silent assassin to the defensive players that talked the talk but couldn’t back it up in practice. When he heard players trash talking, he decided to target them and caused arguments amongst those defensive players. Upon seeing that, Tagovailoa said he would say to himself, “That’s what you get.”

Although people see Tagovailoa’s humility, he clarified it. Tagovailoa addressed himself as a silent assassin after he said that his confidence comes from being surrounded by first-round draft picks at Alabama. He also said that there will be multiple highlights between Hill and himself during the football season.

Hill and Tagovailoa described how their connection will be like the Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls era. After Hill joked that he’s not Carmen Electra, Tagovailoa said, “If he’s Dennis, I will be MJ.”

Collins said that after listening to Tagovailoa that he knew Tagovailoa had a list, was taking notes, taking names, and was going to make a believer out of everybody.

Tagovailoa does display humility but as he said, it definitely isn’t a lack of confidence. Tagovailoa and Hill will make their NFL debut together in the 2022 season when they host the New England Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium on September 11th.



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