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Dolphins Tagovailoa Destroys Fake Noodle Arm Narrative With Multiple Deep Passes At Training Camp

Tua Tagovailoa put an end to the false noodle arm narrative with deep passes at training camp.

For those that have been banging the drum for Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa ever since he was in college, they already know those pushing the noodle arm narrative were either lying or lacked knowledge of his situation. Some of that narrative came from media personalities and fans of other teams that only watched their own team’s games. Because media can be so manipulative, it has been easy for many fans to believe the agenda that was being pushed against Tagovailoa from only the 16.3% of bad throws when they didn’t do their own research.

Noodle Arm Narrative Destroyed By Tagovailoa’s Deep Balls

Tagovailoa entered the NFL with multiple horrid circumstances that has already been explained hundreds of times on different news articles. There have been several media personalities who have made sarcastic comments that he can’t throw more than five yards. Despite being untrue, those throwing jabs at the young quarterback and the disrespect has continued throughout the off-season.

It is true that Tagovailoa doesn’t have the strongest arm in the NFL, but his arm isn’t a noodle arm either. The false narrative that he can’t throw deep has come from only throwing a few passes downfield over his first two seasons. But as Tagovailoa explained in a Muscle and Fitness Magazine interview earlier this year, he said they really didn’t have plays for him to throw downfield.

Because of fans being unaware of the play-calling situation in Miami, many have always assumed Tagovailoa had trouble making the deep throws since he didn’t do it often. Under that assumption, some fans have tagged Tagovailoa with having what is called a noodle arm.

But Tagovailoa proved that he could throw the deep ball in a training camp practice yesterday in front of Dolphins fans. He threw deep balls to Jaylen Waddle, Cedric Wilson, Mohamed Sanu, and Tyreek Hill. The most impressive out of the three passes was the pass to Hill that traveled over 55 yards in the air with another ten yards added after the catch.

As many skeptical fans pointed out, it’s only practice. But the point is that there is no doubt that Tagovailoa does have the ability to throw the deep ball.

It does give Dolphins fans something to be excited about. Fans of the Dolphins already feel like they have won the off-season with the signing of Tyreek Hill, Terron Armstead, Chase Edmonds, Melvin Ingram, and a few other noteworthy off-season signings. Contrary to popular media opinion, it doesn’t appear that Hill is going to regret signing with the Dolphins.

For the first time this off-season, fans were able to attend a practice and witness that the Tua to Hill connection is actually going to work. Not only did the signing of Hill give the Dolphins more of a receiving threat, but it will also open up more opportunities for Waddle and Gesicki to get into open field.

Tagovailoa said earlier this year that new Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel is letting him be himself, which is a completely different narrative than what was presented with former coach Brian Flores. Now, with what fans are seeing in the off-season, it is giving them hope that it all will translate to the regular season games.



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