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Does This Draft Have A New Eagles Quarterback?

There are not many quarterbacks who lead their team to the playoffs in their first year of starting. Current Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts was able to accomplish this while also learning a new system along the way and forming a new team identity halfway through the season.

Despite this, the calls for his replacement have been plentiful among Eagles fans. With Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson off the market, there isn’t a Quarterback left out there who is better than Hurts. Is the answer to Hurts’ replacement in the draft?

Short answer; No. Several factors go into this decision and it is clear that Howie Roseman is bought into Jalen Hurts. Head Coach, Nick Sirianni, also rides with Hurts through all the noise. The organization once moved on from former franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz. However, this time is different.

A Rookie With Playoff Experience

Every quarterback coming into this year’s draft has also been fighting the naysayers. This class does not appear to have the franchise guy or someone who can win you a Super Bowl.

Liberty’s Malik Willis has made highlight throws that have bumped his stock and Kenny Pickett has been mocked to the Panthers at six for a while now. As good as these guys are, they don’t stack up to Jalen Hurts.

Jalen Hurts is currently 23 years old, turning 24 in August. Malik Willis and Desmond Ridder will be 23 before the season starts. Matt Corral and Kenny Pickett are already 23 with Pickett turning 24 in June.

Hurts is roughly the same age as all of these guys but he has the advantage of experience as a quarterback. At 23 years old, Hurts has dealt with quarterback drama as a backup and starter. He has started a season’s worth of games, led a team to the playoffs, and established himself as a top dual-threat quarterback. None of these guys have heard their name called on draft night. Go with the young guy who you already have, who happens to be a Pro-Bowl level quarterback.

Don’t Make The Same Mistake Twice

While many Eagles fans are grateful for Jalen Hurts being the Eagles’ quarterback, the Hurts pick was an issue at the time. Carson Wentz finally takes a team to the playoffs just for the Eagles to draft his replacement in round two of the following draft. Many stories were out about him thinking the team did not have confidence in him. Looking back, it was a great move for the organization. However, let’s not do it twice.

Jalen Hurts got the team to the postseason in year one with the full-time job. Something Wentz couldn’t do until year four and he was 27 already. The team needs to ride Hurts’ unwavering confidence. No matter the score or situation, Hurts kept fighting and the team found themselves in games to the very end with his style of play.

The 2022 rookie class for the Philadelphia Eagles should not feature a single quarterback. Use these picks to solidify an elite defense and get weapons for the young Hurts to use.

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