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Does The Best Bet Of The Year Involve The Jets?

Discussing the chances and logistics of betting on the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl this year.

Last year, I had the Bengals as my Super Bowl dark horse, and they made me a decent amount of money on their playoff run before coming up short in the big game. This year, I’ve seen a ton of comparisons come and go, comparing the Bengals of last season to the Jets of this season. Both teams include high-ceiling 2nd-year QBs looking to make a leap in Joe Burrow and Zach Wilson, both teams were initially counted out and generally predicted to finish last in their respective divisions on the year, and both teams haven’t experienced a lot of success in the playoffs in recent memory as in both could certainly be argued as teams that are/were “due.”

Analytically, there’s a lot to get into also, including the phenomenal play of the player who’s currently most likely to win Defensive Rookie of the Year, Mr. Sauce Gardner. Before Breece Hall went down with an injury, he was another rookie working his way into the discussion for an award this year. The Jets managed to replace him with a great move before the trade deadline passed, acquiring one-time standout back James Robinson from the Jaguars, who should serve well as a replacement.

New York Jets To Win The Super Bowl?

The Jets have depth on both sides of the ball, they have one of the best defenses in the league, and they beat one of the consensus top-three NFL teams last week in the Buffalo Bills. This team has an undeniable potential to surprise everybody and make it into the playoffs for the first time since 2010. As you likely know, this is also a team that hasn’t made it to a Super Bowl since 1969 (Super Bowl III), which was a game they won 16-7 against the Baltimore Colts. They are definitely due. It has to happen eventually, and this could definitely be the year.

With Jets bettors likely completely demoralized and forever sworn off of gambling, if they were unlucky to chase Jets action over the past 15 years or so, I would theorize that the Jets to win the Super Bowl has an extremely low number of takers despite the great odds which currently sit at around 50-1. I’m taking this bet for sure; a bet of $20 on the Jets to win the Super Bowl right now would pay out $1000 if they manage to pull it off.

These odds are almost criminal and will probably have people saying the usual “well, its the jets” or whatever they’ve been saying over the years, but this is a top-10 team as things currently stand, and 50-1 odds on them is simply too good to ignore. Get these odds while you can. If the Jets go on to beat the Patriots next week, these odds will be drastically reduced. Especially given the implication of winning within the division. Put a couple of bucks on the Jets to win the Super Bowl this year… It has to happen eventually; why not this year?

If you’re not buying it completely, I’d still consider it a good wager and good odds to bet on the Jets winning the Division or even the AFC Championship. They’d pay a little less, but considering how good this team is, any bet on them to make it into the playoffs is something you should consider placing this year.

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