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Does Conor McGregor Deserve A Title Shot If He Beats Micheal Chandler?

Conor McGregor is the biggest name in the sport of MMA. The Irishman was the first fighter to become immensely popular with a mainstream audience. He is coming off a devastating loss to long-time rival Dustin Poirier. McGregor suffered a nasty leg injury during the Poirier fight, leaving him on the shelf until now. Regarding McGregor’s next opponent, all roads lead to Michael Chandler. The American is an excellent fighter in his own right. He has previously won the Bellator lightweight strap. It begs whether he should be next in line for a title shot if McGregor were to beat him.

Why McGregor Should Be Next In Line?

First, it is not a given that McGregor is going to win, if anything, it is the opposite. Chandler should be going into the contest as the favourite. Due to the close fight, it helps make a case that McGregor is back to his old self if he were to win. Furthermore, it would show McGregor can put up a strong showing against Islam Makhachev if the 34-year-old were to beat a competitor like Chandler. As previously stated, McGregor is a massive name in the sport, which means that whenever he fights, it draws many eyeballs.

Additionally, a McGregor title fight would bring tremendous money to the UFC. It means that the company would love McGregor to be champion again. Due to the likely increase in ticket sales and box office buys. It is always possible for the Irishman to be fast-tracked to a title shot because of what he has done for the UFC.

Why McGregor Shouldn’t Be Next In Line?

It is hard to see what weight class McGregor will be committed to after the Chandler bout. The Chandler fight will likely be at 170, but McGregor is known for fighting at lightweight. Either way, both divisions are incredibly stacked, with top contenders eyeing up a title shot. McGregor would need another big win after the Chandler bout to solidify himself as a legit challenger. Regarding the lightweight division, fighters like Poirier, Justin Gaethje, and Charles Oliveira should be in line before McGregor. All these contenders have beaten Chandler and have been much more active in the octagon than McGregor. All these competitors would be favoured against McGregor today. Chandler is the best matchup for McGregor, as his style could be perfect for getting his hand raised. McGregor may need some more wins before returning to the title picture.

It would be great for the UFC and MMA when the 34-year-old returns to the sport, as he is always entertaining when he fights.


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