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Does Broncos’ Star QB Still Have The Magic After 10 Years?

Russell Wilson has not lived up to the hype three games into this 2022 NFL season. We have seen some flashes and the Broncos have a 2-1 record. The question is whether or not we are seeing a dysfunctional offense, or if he has digressed.

Half Of Wilson’s Game Is Missing

Through the first few games, Wilson only has 22 rushing yards. With 17 of those coming this past week against the 49ers deciding to put his head down and dive for a first down. On another run, he got close to picking up one that was challenged and ultimately short. He had 42 rushing yards compared to last year by the time Week Four rolled around.

However, it isn’t the rushing yards that are the most important part of his mobility. That would be scrambling and maneuvering around the pocket. We have seen very limited amounts of his scrambling game so far, and when we have; it has been spectacular. The first time was Wilson stepping up in the pocket and shoveling a pass between two defenders to Melvin Gordon for a first down.

That wasn’t his biggest or most flashy play of the mediocre Sunday Night offensive performance. Third and ten with eight minutes left in the game and down by five, Wilson rolled out left and threw a dart to WR Kendall Hinton for 27 yards picking up the first down. Later during the drive, he threw another dime to WR Courtland Sutton for 19 yards getting down to the 49ers’ five-yard line. RB Gordon punched it in for six, finishing the drive.

On A Mission

On that one drive, Wilson showed that he still had some of that natural winning instinct to make big plays when Denver desperately needed them. Former coach Pete Carroll had comments this past week about trying to force Wilson to his left because he believes that he struggles rolling out to the left. That seemed to be a motivating factor this week as he discreetly mentioned it in his post-game press conference.

Pete Carroll said it was hard for Russell Wilson to go left. Russ responded last night on & off the field. On the field, he went left to Kendall Hinton for 27 yards & a 1st down on 3rd-&-10 on the go-ahead drive. After the game,he said “I went left—I guess I can still go left” — Zac Stevens (@ZacStevensDNVR) September 26, 2022

Zac Stevens reporting for DNVR

While Denver lost in dramatic fashion against the Seahawks in the season opener, that was the only revenge game that Wilson had on this schedule. Every game is going to be a revenge game for him. National media has been all over this offense in the first three weeks for underperforming. America thinks Russ is cooked. America doesn’t believe that he is the QB he once was.

He says he is still that phenomenal QB and Broncos Country believes him. Outside of Broncos Country, no one thinks he is still a top ten player. The AFC West, AFC, and NFL won’t believe it until they see it. This is a unique situation that does have valid reasons for not looking good up to this point. In Broncos Country, it is now or never this season, as it has been the worst stretch of Denver football EVER.

Looking Forward

While last year, Wilson had his lowest rushing total of 183 yards, it looks as if it may be lower this year. We don’t need him to rush with RBs like Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon. We need him to continue to make his reads and not be afraid to run around a little. Same message to the O-line; be mentally prepared that he will try to scramble and extend plays so don’t give up mid-play.

Broncos Country should absolutely still have faith in this offense. Maybe not blind faith, but don’t lose hope. We have a Hall of Fame QB that is rapidly learning this offense and this team is learning his style. Now, if we don’t see the average of 14.3 points scored per game go up by the time Monday Night Football vs. the Chargers (Week Six) rolls around, then we should be concerned. Don’t lose the excitement Broncos Country.

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