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Do The Yankees Need To Send This Struggling Youthful Player Down?

The Yankees were excited to bring up their young hometown shortstop Anthony Volpe at the beginning of the season, but it hasn't turned out as planned.

Volpe grew up a Yankees fan living in New Jersey and was a massive fan of one Derek Jeter, who played shortstop for 20 seasons in the Bronx.

Yankees Struggling Young Star

Volpe has played in all 67 games this season but hasn't gotten off to the best start at the plate. He is batting .186 with an OBP of .260, an SLG of .345, and an OPS of .650. He is below average in all those categories, which is not great.

Volpe is still very young and just turned 22 at the end of April, so he still has so many years left in the big leagues, but right now, the Yankees need to think about sending him down to figure out his approach at the plate.

I think Volpe will be a star in this league in the next few years, but coming up at 21 and being the hometown kid is a lot of pressure. He is living the dream of playing shortstop for the Yankees. He needs some time to figure some things out at the plate, and hopefully, he gets sent down so he can work on some things in Triple-A.

Nobody wants to see him stay up and struggle because that could lead to issues that could hurt his career.


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