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Did The Panthers Already Tell This Star They Will Select Him With The First Pick?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

We are less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft, and the first overall pick might have already been selected. A report came out on Monday that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young has canceled all his reaming pre-draft visits.

Young already met with the Carolina Panthers, who hold the number one pick, and the Houston Texans, who hold the second pick.

Young most likely got word from either the Panthers or Texans they would be selecting him with their pick and that’s why he will no longer be taking pre-draft visits.

Young VS Stroud

The Panthers traded with the Chicago Bears, who held the first pick a few months ago, and when the Panthers made that deal everyone knew it was for a quarterback, but it was not known yet which one they were eyeing.

It seemed like when the Panthers traded up they were targeting Ohio State’s quarterback C.J. Stroud, and now it seems like Young will be their pick.

Both quarterbacks are very great players, and whoever the Panthers select should be able to help bring their franchise back to the next level. Young might have gone to Alabama, but last season had to put on a superman cape on his back and pull off great plays and wins with a very underperforming skill position group.

Stroud also went to a top school at Ohio State, and he looks the part of an NFL quarterback, and even though he was throwing to the best skill position group in the entire sport of college football Stroud looked like a guy who could lead your team on Sundays.

The only issue with Young is that he measured in at the combine at 5’10 204 pounds. He is a small quarterback, and we know height plays a huge factor at that position in the NFL.

Young will have no issue showing his talents off at the next level, but if he gets banged up his body might not be able to take the hits, and it could send him down a road of injuries.

Young will look great in Carolina, and hopefully, he will be able to lead them back to their winning ways.

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