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Did Ohio State Find Their Transfer Quarterback?

Ohio State has been quiet in the quarterback transfer portal, and they have yet to have a genuine interest in any of the guys who entered it. 

They don't like any of the current quarterbacks in the portal or are very confident with the room they already have. 

When starting quarterback Kyle McCord decided to enter the transfer portal last week, many thought the Buckeyes were going to the portal to find their new signal-caller. 

Why would McCord leave if nobody else was coming in? He already beat out the current quarterback room for this season, and the Class of 2024 quarterback Air Noland will not impact a quarterback battle. 

McCord went into the portal because a transfer portal quarterback had to be coming in, and he wouldn't stick around for a competition. 

McCord only has one year of eligibility left, so if he doesn't win the job next year, he could lose his eligibility if he doesn't get a redshirt. He couldn't risk competition and not starting, so he bounced. 

At this point, a portal quarterback would already be coming, but on Wednesday night, one of the best backups in college football entered the portal. 

Maalik Murphy

It is believed that Ewers will be heading back to Austin next season, and they already have star freshman quarterback Arch Manning. 

Murphy was sandwiched between the two, and there wasn't a real chance for him to be the primary starter for the Longhorns.

Murphy has tons of talent, and according to, he is the fourth-ranked quarterback in the portal. 

Ryan Day should be all over Murphy. He is 6'5, 238 pounds, and has a giant arm with great athletic ability. 

Day has worked wonders with quarterbacks who have a high upside. Dwayne Haskins, Justin Fields, CJ Stroud, and Murphy fits that group. 

Murphy would automatically become the best quarterback on the roster, and it could be his starting job to lose.

Day needs to make a splash in the portal to add to a room that was underwhelming this season. 

Clearly, Devin Brown and Lincoln Kienholz can improve like crazy over the next nine months and take Ohio State places they want to go, but Murphy could be the safe option, and even though he has only started two games this season, his talent clearly shows, and Day could turn him into a star with his traits. 

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