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Despicable Racism: Arrests Made And Support For Vinicius Junior

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Spanish authorities have confirmed the arrest of seven individuals in connection with two distinct incidents involving Real Madrid’s talented forward, Vinicius Junior. In a significant development, three of the apprehensions are linked to the disgraceful racist slurs directed at Vinicius during Madrid’s recent LaLiga match against Valencia at Mestalla.

Additionally, four arrests were made in Madrid concerning the disturbing act of suspending a mannequin adorned with a Vinicius shirt from a bridge near Real Madrid’s training facility back in January.

Public Outcry For Vinicius Ensues

The abhorrent mistreatment suffered by Vinicius at Mestalla has triggered a widespread outcry, particularly in his home country of Brazil. In response to the incident, politicians, including President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, players, and clubs from Brazil have united in support of the player, vehemently criticizing the handling of racism within Spanish football.

During the match on Sunday, the game came to a halt for nearly ten minutes when Vinicius, exhibiting immense courage, pointed out a Valencia fan situated behind the goal who had subjected him to racial abuse. Furthermore, video evidence circulating on social media revealed instances of fans taunting the talented Brazilian both prior to and during the match, intensifying the gravity of the situation.

As a show of profound solidarity with Vinicius Junior, the revered Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, stood dimmed for a full hour on Monday, symbolically extinguishing its illuminating lights. This gesture served as a powerful statement against the racial abuse suffered by the Real Madrid forward.

Not The First Racial Experience For Vinicius

The incident involving the hanging of a mannequin donning Vinicius’ jersey took place back in January, just prior to the highly anticipated Copa del Rey clash between Real Madrid and their local rivals, Atletico Madrid. This deplorable act further underscores the urgent need to address the issue of racism within the realm of Spanish football.

Adding to the distressing sequence of events, a banner bearing the phrase “Madrid hates Real,” which is associated with a faction of Atletico’s passionate ultras, was prominently displayed alongside the mannequin. This incident unfolded prior to the highly anticipated quarterfinal game at the Bernabeu, intensifying the gravity of the situation.

In a poignant message shared on social media this past Sunday, Vinicius expressed his disheartening observation that racism has become a distressingly commonplace occurrence within LaLiga. The talented forward lamented that a championship that was once graced by illustrious figures such as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi, now finds itself tarnished by the presence of racists.

Alarming reports reveal that LaLiga has officially lodged complaints with prosecutors regarding a total of ten instances of racist abuse directed at Vinicius over the past two seasons. This highlights the urgent need for comprehensive action to combat and eradicate racism within the league.

Atletico Responds To Incidents

Atletico Madrid, in response to the bridge incident, unequivocally condemned the actions, labeling them as “repugnant” and “unacceptable.” The club released a statement denouncing the behavior, emphasizing their stance against racism.

Regrettably, this incident came on the heels of another distressing incident involving a group of Atletico fans who were captured on video directing racist abuse at Vinicius outside the Metropolitano stadium prior to the previous derby against Madrid in September.

In the aforementioned case, prosecutors made the decision not to pursue charges, asserting that the offensive chanting, although “unpleasant” and “disrespectful,” lasted only for a brief duration and did not meet the criteria for a criminal offense.

Ancelotti Responds

During a press conference on Tuesday, Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti expressed his unwavering confidence that Vinicius will continue his journey with the club, despite the distressing experiences of racism he has endured this season.

Ancelotti emphasized Vinicius’ deep-rooted affection for Real Madrid, highlighting the player’s strong desire to build his career within the team. The manager affirmed, “Vinicius loves Real Madrid. His love for Real Madrid is significant. He wants to have his career here and play for this team… He knows his future lies here.”

Addressing the challenging circumstances, Ancelotti acknowledged the range of thoughts that may arise in such moments, but he firmly stated that Vinicius’ intention is not to leave the club. The player remains committed to the cause and is determined to continue representing Real Madrid on the field.

LaLiga Issues Statement

In response to the prevalent issue of racism, LaLiga issued a statement on Tuesday expressing their frustration at their limited capacity to combat the problem. The league conveyed a sense of helplessness, citing that existing Spanish legislation restricts their actions to the identification and reporting of racist incidents, leaving them feeling impotent in their ability to effectively address the issue.


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