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Deebo Wants Out: Where Should The 49ers Send Him?

The NFL has evolved into a form of sports entertainment this offseason. Every day brings a new player wanting a new contract, ultimately not receiving it, then demanding a trade. It feels as if everyone is a free agent.

Deebo Samuel becomes the newest superstar wide receiver to air his frustrations on social media, eventually leading to his request for a trade. However, even though the 49ers released a statement that they will not shop their WR1, it does not mean anything.

No one is safe at this point of the season. Teams will do whatever they need to launch them into playoff contention. The 49ers have an opportunity to receive a lot of draft capital for their offensive weapon. Which teams are willing to pay that?


The Pats have been too quiet this offseason with their transactions. It seems like they are taking it easy after their 2021 spending spree. However, this is an opportunity Belichick cannot pass on.

Samuel fits into the Patriots’ offense like a glove. He poses the ideal deep threat for Mac Jones. He joins former teammate Kendrick Bourne, allowing them to rekindle their chemistry in the Bay Area. In addition, Samuel brings the danger of a big play, letting other options be open on the field.

Deebo stated that he does not want to be a hybrid RB/WR, which would be the case in New England. The Patriots’ backfield consists of two young backs coming off solid seasons and James White returning from an injury. Sure, he may be used in a run play once in a blue moon, but Belichick would utilize him in a pass-catching role.

Deebo has requested a TRADE 😳 #sanfran #deebosamuel #patriots #niners #szn #shoutoutot (via Tomecurran/TW) ♬ original sound – Overtimeszn


Detroit may not be the sexiest destination on paper, so let’s read between the lines. Dan Campbell turned the organization from a laughing stock into knee-biting dogs. However, the players love Campbell more than previous head coaches, showing that the team is trending in the right direction.

A player like Deebo Samuel does not come around often. The team has stated they wanted to move away from the number two pick; this would be a bold way. Swapping first-round picks with the 49ers and adding a few role players and picks to the deal could be a wild card in the division.


Sammy Watkins is not a replacement for Devante Adams; Samuel is.

The Packers front office and Rodgers have been at odds for a few seasons. They refuse to draft him a receiver, guiding him to the retirement home. However, Rodgers seems far from that stage of his career, winning MVP in 2021 for the second consecutive season. He deserves a reward.

Samuel slides into Adams’s role as a pass-catcher than a ball carrier. Rodgers gains another superstar. The Packers have a legitimate chance at a Super Bowl. Everyone wins.


Two of the Buffalo Bills’ needs in the NFL draft are a WR and RB. Deebo Samuel can do both. Adding him to that offense gives them the best WR duo in the league while also expanding their rushing attack, with Samuel being that threat, even if he rushes 50% less than he did in 2021.

It would take a hefty price to make it happen, but why not? Anything is possible at this point.


Michael Thomas is still a Saint. He missed the entire 2021 season with an injury and missed most of 2020. The next best option is last year’s breakout star Antonio Calloway; Winston needs more of a guaranteed option.

The Saints’ offense became one-dimensional after Winston’s injury. Kamara makes for an excellent fantasy option, but that’s his ceiling. They need Samuel to open up the air attack, giving Kamara and company a better chance at moving the ball on the ground.

Also, how good would Deebo look in the Saints’ black and gold uniform?


The Bears are a completely different team than a season ago. Justin Fields has a new head coach to help steer him in the right direction. But, unfortunately, they are missing one thing, an elite offensive weapon.

Samuel gives Fields a reliable receiver to make big plays. He had more receiving yards and touchdowns than any other receiver in 2021. They have picks to make it happen. It seems like a no-brainer to me.


This team needs Samuel’s services more than any other team in the league. But, unfortunately, the Ravens refuse to give Lamar Jackson a true WR1. Instead, they have allowed star players to waltz right in front of them without blinking an eye. It is mind-boggling.

Samuel would thrive in the Baltimore offense. He instantly becomes Jackson’s number one option on every play. He can line up on the outside or in the backfield for a variation of the Heisman package. He makes the team into a video game offense brought to life. He is the missing piece alluding Jackson from Super Bowl glory.

 Wherever Deebo ends up, he will make an immediate impact. His skillset makes him more valuable than most stars in free agency or traded already. Every team should be flooding the 49ers’ phones to work out a deal. The offseason just got a bit more interesting.

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