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Decent New England Patriots Wagers To Consider Placing Before The Season Starts

The regular season of the NFL is finally among us. That means it’s time to get your Patriots bets in for things such as Super Bowl Champion, MVP, and most receiving yardage before the odds start to move dramatically.

It might be your last chance to get certain odds on teams, players, and props at a reasonable value that makes it actually worth it to bet on them.

New England Patriots To Win The Super Bowl +5000

This is obviously great value at 50-1, seeing as how it’s a Bill Belichick-coached team and all, but realistically, the Patriots probably aren’t going to win the Super Bowl this year. At 50-1 though, it’s too much to pass up for most of us Patriots fans, and some fans bet their hometown team wins the Super Bowl every year regardless of odds or outlook.

I’ve seen worse teams with better odds, and it probably couldn’t hurt to put a ten-dollar wager on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl this year. If it hits, that’s a smooth and easy $500 payout, which most people would undoubtedly be happy with.

Mac Jones To Be Named The Most Valuable Player of the 2022 NFL Regular Season +6500

At 65-1, This is another tremendous value pick. The possible ceiling of Mac Jones goes much higher than most people outside of New England are willing to admit, but given his first-year numbers and the likelihood of improving upon them, it’s hard to pass this bet up at its current value. I took this bet a month or two ago when it was 50-1, and those odds still seem reasonable to me.

If Mac has a hot start to the season, we could see his odds immediately drop closer to 30-1 after just one week of NFL action. I put $20 on him at 50-1 for a remarkable $1,000 payout, and if you bet $20 on him at the current 65-1 odds, it would be a $1,300 payout instead, which is well worth the $20 for any Patriots fan in my opinion. Not only does it give you a chance to win some money, but it also adds a little more excitement to the season in a year that some people are, unfortunately expecting the Patriots to struggle somewhat.

New England Patriots Regular Season Win Total 7.5 (-215)

This one seems like an insult to Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Football, and everyone living within the confines of the snowy hellscape known as New England. Oddsmakers don’t seem to think that the Patriots are going to be able to win much more than eight games this year. Given that the team won 10 games last year and looked incredibly promising, I would take this bet immediately before the Patriots possibly win the first couple of weeks and the line goes way up.

At -215, it’s not the best value of picks, but it seems close to a sure thing if you believe in the magic of the man known as Bill Belichick. You would have to put $215 on the Patriots to go over their vegas projected win total of 7.5 to net $100 in profit. Of course, if you hate the Patriots and are reading this for some unknown reason, you could always make the same bet for them winning less than 7.5 games at similar odds.

Most Receiving Yards in the NFL (Season): Devante Parker +20000

I’ll be honest here; I’m not expecting this one to hit or even come close. But at 200-1, it couldn’t hurt to throw a couple of dollars on a wager for this. If you bet even five dollars on this at 200-1, you could be cashing in your slip for a $1000 payout once the season is over. It’s not likely at all, but if you’re betting on Mac Jones to win MVP and expecting him to put up MVP-caliber numbers, it isn’t an insane jump of logic to expect that DeVante Parker will need to have some outstanding numbers over the year.

If he does, there always remains a slight chance that he will catch the most receiving yards in the NFL this season. Of course, it’s not likely, but sometimes random players end up on the top of the stats charts. For example, in the last ten years, we’ve seen T.Y Hilton, Josh Gordon, Cooper Kupp, and Stefon Diggs finish the league as the leader in receiving yards. These guys were definitely not the odds leaders before those seasons had started. It’s called gambling for a reason.

Patriots @ Miami

The Patriots are scheduled to take Miami on the road on September 11th, with kickoff at 1 PM EST. I have my best bets broken down here. So place your bets accordingly as we prepare for another exciting New England Patriots Football season. Good luck! Go Pats!

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