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Dear, Nick Saban: A Letter To An Alabama Legend

Thank you for the memories, championships, wins, and even the losses. I loved every second of it. As a young boy, I remember growing up loving Alabama football, but we always lost to Auburn, seven times in a row. I thought things would change when you came, but it took a couple of years.

When it did, it was night and day. You could tell everything was different about the organization. There was a standard, a culture, and winning was a must. Perfection was expected. I remember 2009 like it was yesterday. It was beautiful. I was 14 years old. I had recently moved to Hawaii so I wasn't able to go to the games like in previous years. From the Terrance Cody blocked field goal to "The Drive" led by Greg McElroy, making Tebow cry, and winning the National Championship against the University of Texas.

This championship began what will go down as the greatest college football dynasty of all time. Six national championships and 201 wins. We went from the laughing stock of college football back to the top, like all the stories I grew up hearing about Bear Bryant and Gene Stallings. You took us to back-to-back championships and one game away from getting the chance to three-peat. A loss to none other than little brother.

We made it back in 2015 when the world said the dynasty was over. Just a couple of years later, we were back with redshirt freshman Jalen Hurts. However, due to poor performance in the first half, we got to witness one of the greatest comebacks of all time with Tua Tagovailoa coming in at half taking a huge 16-yard sack on the first down in overtime. But on 2nd and 26, history was made, and Nick Saban and Alabama won their 5th national title together.

Shortly after three years, once again, the naysayers were out saying the dynasty was over, but somehow, someway, it was because in 2020 we were blessed with Mac Jones and some of the most impressive wide receivers to play at the University of Alabama.

Now, today, after taking time to soak in what has happened, I want to say thank you to Nick Saban. You are the greatest coach of all time, and I was blessed enough to watch history and will cherish it forever.

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