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Dear Los Angeles Lakers, Its Time to Fire Darvin Ham

Well, it is now official that the Los Angeles Lakers are eliminated from the NBA playoffs. They lost the series 4-1, and let's be real: This team quit the series and was clearly nowhere near a Championship team. This series confirmed multiple things, but the biggest one is simple: They got to get rid of Darvin Ham. There have been three main strikes with Ham.

Game 2 Might Have Been The Final Straw

I came to this conclusion after Game 2 of the series against the Nuggets. Did you know that the Lakers led this game by 20 points at one point? The Lakers blew that lead, and Ham failed to make any adjustments before it was too late. The Lakers could not get the job done and the team lacked motivation at that game.

Yes, heinous ref ball did occur, and allegedly, the "replay center did a worse job." But the Lakers blew the 20-point lead, and their lack of motivation killed them. Even the team believes that, as it is now being reported, this was the "Last Straw" in that Locker Room.

He Barley Draws On His Clipboard During Time Outs

I have noticed this during his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers. When a team calls a timeout, a coach uses the clipboard to discuss his adjustments and make plays in key moments of the game. Well, that is not what Darvin Ham does, as he barely draws anything on it except for player names. There is even video proof of this; just watch below.

Like what the heck is he doing? He is barely writing anything down on that clipboard this team is lost. I would too because sometimes in loud environments you need a visual. Either the team is lost or doesn't care because they're barely listening to him or showing respect. Speaking of that let's dive into Strike 3.

The Team Doesn't Respect Him

If there is one thing that has always been clear about the Lakers during Darvin Ham's tenure as coach, it is that he has rarely been respected by this team.

Lebron doesn't, as he constantly ignores his instructions and often overrides the coach's instructions. Now, it's LeBron, and he has a history of doing this previously, but never in this large amount and this blatant. Look at how detached he is when Ham calls timeouts; it just looks like he doesn't care.

It is not just Lebron doing this, too. Let's talk about Anthony Davis who is arguably the best player on this team currently if he stays healthy. He has recently joined in on having a complex relationship with Ham. The many disagreements they have are growing and growing. It doesn't help that Ham is even publicly disagreeing and going after Anthony Davis.

Don't even get me started with the D'Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves saga, too. The team was furious when they found out both were being benched during the season. Ham even threw Russell under the bus at the final press conference.

It's not a good look for Ham, and it's probably the final dagger with the statements that he made below.

Look, I get that coaching does not matter in the NBA compared to the NHL, MLB, and NFL, but Ham has to go. This guy is clueless on the sidelines and doing a poor job that needs to be changed now. If not, there might be a revolt within that team.


LeBron could also be gone soon, and a new coach could try to keep him. Drafting Bronny James would help out, but don't be surprised if he does not make the Lakers' pick unless they trade up.

I just don't see a logical scenario where Ham is the head coach for this team next season, but only time will tell with the Lakers. One thing is for sure: the Lakers need to make a change.

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