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Dawg Pounded: Why The Browns Don’t Deserve Cleveland’s Attention

Can the Browns bounce back before Deshaun Watson returns? Or will they continue to disappoint?

Another Sunday in the fall has come and gone and yet again the Cleveland Browns have another embarrassing performance. The Cleveland Browns lost to the New England Patriots 38-15 in Week Six and you would have thought that Tom Brady was taking snaps under center for the Patriots again with how bad it was. The reality of the situation is that the New England Patriots ran out their third-string rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe and he destroyed the Cleveland Browns for 60 minutes.

The Cleveland Browns were yet again outcoached for an entire game, and it wasn’t even close. I know Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches in NFL history but he’s working with a third-string quarterback and less talent, but he was prepared and put a great game plan together to beat the miserable Cleveland Browns. So where is the big problem? Let’s discuss this.

Who Is To Blame?

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski needs to be put on the hot seat immediately. Stefanski is out of excuses, and I don’t want to hear that he hasn’t had a good quarterback yet and when Deshaun Watson comes back from his suspension everything will be fine. Watson is not saving this franchise with the way it is constructed right now.

Stefanski needs to get his head out of his play sheet and look at what’s going on with his football team because they are getting worse at every single part of the game each week and it is becoming a sad joke. The team is undisciplined and plays with little effort and all Stefanski cares about is looking at what play he is going to screw up next while looking at his play sheet that looks like a Waffle House menu.

It’s just not Stefanski that should be on the hot seat on this team. Defensive coordinator Joe Woods and special teams coach Mike Priefer also need to be looking for new jobs soon. The Cleveland Browns’ defense has no heart and it’s just sad to watch. The players don’t care, and Joe Woods hasn’t made an adjustment since day one.

Mike Priefer has never had a good special teams unit since he was hired by the Browns in 2019 and they have only gotten worse. They have nobody who can return a kick or a punt and they have no idea how to recover an onside kick as we saw in their Week Two loss to the New York Jets.

The players need to be held accountable and they need to start being benched for bad performance and a lack of effort. There are some players who are just bad, and they really can’t control it, but they have heart. On the Browns, they have a handful of players who are bad and show no heart and for some reason, they are playing almost every snap each week.

The Cleveland Browns told us back in March that they were done with average play. This started when they traded for Deshaun Watson and sent their franchise quarterback who won a playoff game back in 2020 Baker Mayfield packing. I see the Browns have decided to go away from that idea through the first six weeks of the season.

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Time For Fans To Let Go

Cleveland Browns fans have been going through this since 1999 and every single year they are told to be patient and changes are coming for the better. The Cleveland Browns take one step forward and then they take five steps backward every year. Fans spend their hard-earned money every single week just to be disappointed by halftime. It is not fair to the fans and to the city of Cleveland that they must put up with this every week and every single season.

Cleveland is a Browns town, and everyone breathes Cleveland Browns football in Northeast Ohio. Every Sunday feels like Christmas but moving forward, Browns fans need to start skipping Christmas. This team does not deserve the city’s attention until things start to change for the better and the team starts winning and shows passion.

Final Thoughts

Cleveland needs to turn into a Guardians and Cavaliers town because those teams are both well-run, and their players show heart and effort. The Guardians are the youngest team in the MLB, and they made the playoffs playing with their hair on fire. The Cavaliers are one of the youngest teams in the NBA and they just enjoy playing the game they love.

This is not a goodbye to Cleveland as a Browns town, but we are taking a break until they can figure out their issues, I hope one day Cleveland is back in NFL postseason talk but that day seems like it is getting farther away with every day that passes.

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