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Here's What To Look For In Season 5 Of Dark Side Of The Ring

Dark Side of the Ring is back and I am super excited to see more topics covered in pro wrestling. In Season 5 there is a total of 10 episodes that will be coming out. So in the leadup to Dark Side of the Ring Season 5 beginning, I will be previewing all of the topics that will be covered. So, let's get this started.


This one is super intriguing because I have never once heard a bad thing ever said about John Tenta, aka Earthquake. Earthquake is going to be the season premiere of Season 5, which is a very interesting choice.

I wonder what they are going to cover with Tenta, and I hope they dive deeper into his life as an actual Yokozuna Sumo wrestler and the peak of his career in the feuds with Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior.

I would love to know more about his time in the Attitude Era as Golga, who was a part of the Oddities. That is something that not a lot of people talk about, and I kind of want to know more about it. I also hope they talk about him squashing Jake Roberts's snake, because that is such a memorable angle that was filmed.

They're definitely going to cover his rough battle with bladder cancer, which ultimately killed him in 2006 at the age of 42, and that is going to be super tough to watch knowing how well-liked he is.

Buff Bagwell

Oh, this is an episode that I am interested in watching. Buff Bagwell is a notable pro wrestler from the WCW days who fell on hard times.

There is so much that can be discussed in this episode including the alcohol/drug issues, that Booker T Match that ended his WWE career, and even the car crash stories that he was involved in. Buff Bagwell was a complete Trainwreck through most of his life.

What I would love to see covered is that lawsuit he had with WWE in 2016. That lawsuit involved him not getting royalties off of material he was featured in on the new WWE network. That Judy Bagwell on a pole match too needs to be covered as it is the most ridiculous match stipulation that I have ever seen in WCW.

Plus, I wonder if other stories will get revealed about his journey in pro wrestling too as he was plagued with behavior issues as well. This is an episode that I am looking forward to and I wonder what craziness will occur as there have been a lot of stories that don't paint Bagwell in the best light.

Brutus Beefcake

Yeah, you knew this was coming after the end of last season as he appeared in that Marty Jannetty episode. Hopefully, he will come off as less delusional in his episode, than he did in that episode.

Brutus Beefcake's story is super dark, not only because of his many awful gimmicks but in his parasailing accident. I heard bits and pieces of the parasailing accident, but he was never the same after that accident.

I remembered that he was originally going to win the Intercontinental Championship at one point, but that didn't happen because of the accident. I wonder if he will discuss his relationship with Hulk Hogan and how they fell out and reconciled. No matter what I am very interested to see what the show covers.

Chris Adams

This was originally going to be in Season 4 of Dark Side of the Ring, but I guess the producers pushed it for this season.

Gentleman Chris Adams was a very big star during the WCCW days and was often known as a pretty notable trainer as well. However, there is a real Dark Side to Chris Adams not only with his drug usage but with his many arrests.

It would be interesting if they covered the moment Police and other fans accused him of murdering Gino Hernandez. Many forget that when Gino Hernandez died, many accused Chris Adams of doing it. Especially as he was in a storyline where Hernandez blinded him and many people including the police believed that was proof Adams was the one who killed Hernandez.

This is probably unlikely, but I hope the show can get Stone Cold Steve Austin on this episode. Especially, as Adams trained Stone Cold and he would be a great talking point for the show. Also, they got to mention how Stone Cold stole his girlfriend/fiancée Lady Blossom.

Adams's death is crazy as a whole as he was fatally shot in the chest during a drunken brawl with a friend, Brent "Booray" Parnell in self-defense. They have to cover because every time I hear this story is super wild. This is a must-watch if you have no idea who he is and I would not be shocked if this episode was the season finale.

Terry Gordy

I remembered from a previous podcast the producers mentioned that they wanted to do an episode on the Fabulous Freebirds. That would not happen with Michael P.S. Hayes still being employed with WWE. Also, Michael P.S. Hayes himself doesn't come across as a great person either and you can make an episode on him by himself.

The one Freebird that they can do an episode on is Terry "Bam Bam' Gordy and he has had a crazy life and stories on his own.

The craziest story that I heard about Terry Gordy and I hope they mention this in the documentary is the 1993 Plane Ride to Japan. On this plane, Terry Gordy took like 50 pain pills on that flight and it left him in a coma. That is so terrifying and he even got permanent brain damage as a result. I don't know how he continued his career after that happened, but he did.

Terry Gordy passed away in 2001 due to a heart attack caused by a blood clot.

Black Saturday

Out of all the episodes in this season, this is the episode that I am looking forward to the least. Especially with all the stuff that has come out with Vince McMahon, this moment is the least of his sins.

What happened was that on Saturday, July 14, 1984, Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation (WWF) took over the time slot on Superstation WTBS. This took over the home of Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW) and its flagship weekly program, World Championship Wrestling, for 12 years and it sent shockwaves through the industry.

I am still going to watch it because I always learn something from these documentaries, but compared to the rest of the topics, If I had to choose a weak link I have to go with this one.

Chris Colt

This is the episode that I am looking forward to the most compared to the bunch because I had no idea who this guy was until the episode topics were revealed in the trailer. These are the types of episodes that I like because I get to learn things that I had no idea about.

Doing a quick search on Google, he was involved with the Hell's Angels gang, had a Neo-Nazi gimmick, had a bad drug addiction, and so much more. Something I also found out as well is that Colt was an openly gay wrestler in the 70s and 80s. He also was one of the 1st pro wrestlers to come out with entrance music.

They're going to talk about the match where he was so high on drugs that he was Hallucinating giant spiders coming after him. I want to learn about that so much as I never knew about this incident and it stood out to me in the Season 5 trailer. He had to be on so many drugs for that to of happened and I want to know more about his story in pro wrestling.

Harley Race

Harley Race is one of the toughest and most respected legends in pro wrestling. however, when looking at his history, he has had a dark life.

This man was involved in two car crashes that were crazy. The first one took the life of his first wife Vivian and he almost lost his leg in 1960. The 2nd one pretty much ended his career in 1995. Those accidents are going to be a must to cover in this documentary.

I wonder if they're going to mention the 1965 incident where he got stabbed in an altercation. I heard about this incident in one of his books and I would love to see the show dive into it and reveal more about it.

There is so much more that the show can dive into. I am glad there covering Harley in this as this man went through so much throughout his life. If you want to show how respected he was in WWE and by Vince McMahon, the show could tell the story of how the company paid for some of his medical bills.

Sherri Martel

This episode is going to be super sensational as Sherri Martel is going to be covered this season.

Sherri was one of the legit toughest females in the pro wrestling business and was a great wrestler and manager. She even had a stellar career working in the AMA, WWE, WCW, and TNA.

However looking at her story, there is a really dark side behind Sherri. There is the awful Fabulous Moolah story which they have to cover. I get this topic has been done to death and covered in Moolah's episode and Luna Vachon's documentary, but Sherri's story is just the worst.

Her drug addiction which ultimately led to her death is going to be a rough one to get through. Especially as she passed away in her mother's home and it was a sudden death too.

The craziest part about her death and I hope that the documentary mentions this. A week after Sherri Martel's death occurred the Chris Benoit Tragedy happened and some real nasty conspiracy theories were involved with Martel's death being a connection. It is so stupid, but it is crazy that a lot of people have come to this conclusion.

Sensational Sherri is one of the women on my Mount Rushmore when it comes to managers and women's wrestlers as she was really good in the 80's in the ring. This is one that I am looking forward to because I love Sensational Sherri's work in the ring.

The Sandman

This is a topic that a lot of people are often calling the one that they are looking forward to the least. Not to me as I am super looking forward to this episode as Sandman has had such a crazy life and pro wrestling career.

This episode is going to involve so much including blood, beer, and drugs. There are so many insane drug stories that I have heard about involving The Sandman. His 2008 arrest is also crazy too and will be a big talking point in this episode.

The one person I hope that the documentary includes is Raven, especially with the whole ECW Crucifixion angle that The Sandman was a part of. Which is super offensive and disturbing and there were a ton of things that ECW went too far with.

I am looking forward to this episode and learning more about the man himself. I wonder if they're going to talk about how much he hated his time working with WWE.

Overall though, I am very excited Dark Side of the Ring is back with the 5th Season. I really learn a lot watching these and I can't wait to learn more as the seasons keep going. For the entire Season, I will be reviewing each episode and giving the top things that I have learned from each episode.

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