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Damar Hamlin Is A Great Story, But The NFL Got Comeback Player Of The Year, Right

Damar Hamlin is one of the most incredible stories you will ever see. He suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday Night football a season ago, came back to life, and was able to put on his helmet and shoulder pads again and play some meaningful snaps in the NFL this past season. 

Hamlin was a heavy favorite in winning the NFL Comeback Player of the Year, but at the NFL Honors on Thursday Night, Hamlin would not see his name on that award. 

Cleveland Browns quarterback Joe Flacco won comeback player of the year, finishing with 151 points, and Hamlin came in second with 140. Hamlin finished with more first-place votes than Flacco. He had 21, and Flacco had 13, but Flacco brought in 26 second-place votes while Hamlin only had seven. 

Flacco came off his couch late in the season and quarterbacked the Browns in five regular season games, going 4-1, and then bringing the team to the playoffs, where they fell to the Houston Texans in the Wild Card round. 

Flacco threw for 300-plus yards in five straight games while also throwing 13 touchdowns. 

Flacco did all of this at 38 without playing a snap in almost a year. 

The NFL got this right regarding the Comeback Player of the Year winner. Hamlin is excellent, and I'm so glad he is okay, but when it comes to the sport itself, Flacco played the most important position at an all-time high level, while Hamlin hardly dressed for many games this season, and you have to also put that into effect. I know he was coming off of a cardiac arrest, but at the same time, the award's winner should have impacted their team's success in a way, and Hamlin didn't do that for the Buffalo Bills. Flacco was one of the main reasons the Browns made the playoffs with all their injuries over the offense.

Hamlin shouldn't be upset he didn't win the award. Hamlin has done wonders for the game and the world through his story, and Hamlin has saved many people's lives, which is way better than winning an NFL award. Hamlin should be proud of what he has done off the field and even on it, and hopefully, he can play in the league for another ten years. 

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