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Dak Prescott Is Now The Owner Of This Incredible Stat

There was once a time that Dak Prescott was never going to sign a contract with the Dallas Cowboys and the team would be looking for a new quarterback. There were weird reports that Jerry Jones wouldn’t pay him and then there were reports that Prescott wasn’t taking the money.

The Cowboys and Prescott were able to figure out a contract, and now he is the owner of this crazy stat.

What Is This Prescott Stat?

Last week Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets and that now leaves Dak as the longest-tenured starting quarterback in the NFL that’s on the same franchise.

Prescott was drafted in 2016 and has made a pretty good career for himself. It is crazy to think that Dak will be heading into his eighth NFL season.

I’m tired of people knocking the man. Do you know how hard it is to play quarterback in the NFL and let alone do it on the Cowboys? Everything he does is judged and he has done a pretty good job. The Cowboys are contenders with him, and they might have not won a Super Bowl with him yet but he is putting them in a place to succeed and hopefully, one day they get back to the big game.

I would never expect Dak to be the longest-tenured starting quarterback for the same team in the league before he turned 30 years old but with how many quarterbacks have retired and switched teams in the last few years, we are now sitting here today with this incredible accomplishment.

I am glad that Prescott was able to accomplish this, and hopefully, people will start to take him more seriously because he is one heck of a quarterback.

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