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Dabo Swinney Has To Leave Clemson

If you have yet to hear by now, Alabama head coach Nick Saban has called it a career, and of course, Clemson football head coach Dabo Swinney is the top target for the job. 

Swinney played and coached at Alabama before heading to Clemson, and he has always been rumored as one of the main guys who could take over for Saban. 

Swinney has had great success at Clemson, winning two championships, but in the last three seasons, he failed to make the College Football Playoff, and it has yet to be precisely pretty. 

College football is changing a lot in 2024, which has to do with the expansion of the 12-team playoff and the PAC-12 going bye-bye. 

The Big Ten and SEC are now considered the two super conferences, and that is where everyone will want to be. 

Swinney Needs To Jump Ship

Clemson remains a part of the ACC despite rumors suggesting a possible departure. However, it's important to note that the ACC is considered less prestigious than the Big Ten and SEC. 

Look what happened to ACC Florida State this season. They went undefeated and still didn't make the playoffs. 

The good news is there will be 12 teams in the playoff moving forward, so the ACC will have a spot, but how many of these top recruits will want to go to an ACC school after seeing what is going on in the Big Ten and SEC? 

Clemson is no longer a top college football job, and Swinney has to jump ship if Alabama offers him the job. 

Swinney has done everything he can at Clemson, and when he doesn't have a generational quarterback talent like Deshaun Watson or Trevor Lawrence, they're mediocre. 

It sucks that college football has made the ACC and Clemson into one of these irrelevant programs, but that is the nature of the sport, and Clemson is going to have to adapt to it, and Swinney probably doesn't have a lot of time to wait and see if they can do it. 

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