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Cowboys Roster Predictions: Wide Receiver

Next up on our roster predictions list, we have the wide receiver group. The Cowboys’ wide receiver room looks quite a bit different compared to last season. With the trade of Amari Cooper to the Browns and Cedrick Wilson heading to the Dolphins in free agency, this is a different group now.

This new group includes some veteran pieces as well as young stars in the making ready for their opportunity. With that being said, let’s break down who will be the starting wide receivers for the Cowboys in 2022.

First up, we have the starting wide receivers group. The new number one receiver overall is easily CeeDee Lamb. With the departure of Cooper and Wilson, Lamb now steps into a lead role. Lamb is a superstar on the rise and now he will get the chance to prove he was worth the early draft pick.

After Lamb, we have a bit of a toss up as to who gets called first. If Michael Gallup was healthy then he would be the other number one receiver beside Lamb. However, Gallup looks to be out until around week three or four but will start once he returns. Therefore, I think this will be where we see newly drafted Jalen Tolbert step into the picture. Tolbert has a similar skillset to Gallup where he can be a reliable deep route threat and touchdown threat. That automatically puts him into a starting position should he perform well in camp.

Cowboys Slot WR1- James Washington

Next, we have the slot receiver position which will be held by veteran James Washington. Washington joined the team in free agency this offseason. Washington’s role in Pittsburgh was next to nothing but now he gets a revival spot in Dallas. Considering he is from the Dallas area, this could be a bounce back year for Washington.

He might not possess any type of explosive ability but he could be a reliable first down threat. Washington will likely see the ball after running five to seven yard routes. He will be that receiver running stick routes to pick up short yards. It also puts him into contention to be a redzone threat especially within the ten yardline. I am excited to see what Washington can bring to this offense especially if he produces at a high level.

Cowboys WR2- Noah Brown, Jalen Tolbert

Now we move on to the second unit of wide receivers that will see the field in the middle of a drive. This unit will be giving the starters a break for a few plays. Noah Brown is one of the few remaining receivers from last years group. Brown will serve the exact same role as last year and I doubt it increases at all unless their is an injury.

Jalen Tolbert might get starting time while Gallup is out but once Gallup returns, he is moving down the depth chart. This is mainly because he is a rookie and Gallup just got paid for his contributions to the team to the tune of five-years, $62.5 million. Tolbert will serve well as a wide receiver two and eventually I think Tolbert could see starting time maybe at slot. This group is a very fluid and movable group that can be used in multiple spots.

Cowboys Slot WR2- Simi Fehoko, Ty Fryfogle

Lastly, we have the slot receiver two group. This is another group that will likely be interchangeable and see a lot of depth chart movement throughout the season. While Simi Fehoko did not see the field much last year, 2022 might be different. With this depth chart constantly changing, I think Fehoko has to prove himself this year. If Fehoko goes out and makes some plays in camp and preseason, he could see some playing time.

Ty Fryfogle is listed as a wide receiver three on the depth chart but I think he could see some slot usage. He has the ability to beat defenders with his size and leaping ability but still needs to prove himself. Fryfogle is another rookie from the 2022 class so he has time to find out what his true role will be for this franchise.

Which wide receiver will step up the most in 2022? Comment below and join the discussion!

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