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Cowboys Roster Predictions: Quarterback

There are three tangibles that make a great quarterback. The first one is the leadership ability to lead your team to victory and the ability to keep morale up during a loss or when your team is behind. Second, the mental toughness and ability to move forward during tough times on or off the field. Last, when it comes to during the game, the ability to make quick pre-snap adjustments when you see a change in the defense.

All three tangibles, Cowboys QB1 Dak Prescott has and is still improving since his rookie year in 2016. Prescott has made it clear he is a franchise quarterback, no doubt about it. In this article we will be breaking down who I think will make the roster at the quarterback position for the Cowboys.

When it comes to who is going to be the starting quarterback, it’s obvious that it’s going to be Dak Prescott. Prescott signed a four-year extension worth $160 million with $126 million guaranteed last March. If that doesn’t say you are our starting quarterback I don’t know what will. Dak’s rookie year in 2016 was the first clue he was the real deal. Now, he has a record in the regular season of 53-32 in six seasons. 

Throughout Dak’s tenure in Dallas, he has helped lead this team to four out of six seasons with a winning record. In those winning seasons, they have been to the playoffs three times and hold a record of 1-3. However, the Cowboys are a young team and Dak is still in the prime of his career as a QB and has continued to progress. 2021 was Dak’s best season in passing completion with a percentage of 68.8 percent, and also had 37 passing touchdowns, the most he has had in his career up to this point. 

All in all, this team believes in Dak from the front office to the coaches and down to his teammates. From a rookie to now, Dak has shown he is a natural-born leader and aptness to overcome tragedy and trials. In 2020, Dak’s older brother passed away and that same year in Mid-October he suffered a gruesome season-ending ankle injury. Coming back from that and helping lead his team to a 12-5 season and missing only one game really shows what type of mental toughness Dak carries.  

#DallasCowboys QB Dak Prescott has been exceptional this season, completing passes at a 73.9% rate (2nd in NFL). Here, @MattBowen41 highlights his ability to manipulate single-high coverage & connect w/ WR Lamb on this vertical route for the TD.#NFL | #ForeverNE | @GregCosell — NFL Matchup on ESPN (@NFLMatchup) October 16, 2021


As far as who will be backup QB to Dak, I think it will come down to seniority. The QB who holds that seniority is Cooper Rush who has been on and off the team since 2016. This last season, he officially got to start his first career game against the Minnesota Vikings due to a calf injury to Dak.

Rush passed for 325 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. Rush also led the comeback drive, throwing a touchdown to Amari Cooper in the last minute of a 20-16 Cowboy victory. Lastly, having an NFL win under his belt and being a part of the team for five seasons is crucial for earning that QB2 spot. Just shows the Cowboys have trust in him to be the backup behind Dak Prescott.

First TD pass of Cooper Rush's career outta nowhere — Joey Hayden (@_joeyhayden) November 1, 2021

QB3- To Be Determined

When it comes to the third-string quarterback, I believe until further notice that no name should fill this spot. Whoever it is should be on the practice squad because this team has bigger needs for depth from injuries such as the receiver spot with Micheal Gallup recovering from an ACL injury. Also, having six linebackers for depth or adding a vet to compliment Micah Parsons is a better move.

Overall, just have your third QB be on the practice squad and hopefully, you do not have to call them up. It could be either between Will Grier or Ben Di Nucci or possibly go another route and find another QB that fills the position. This position is more of a ”just in case position” while there are parts of this team that may need to hold an extra player to fill a need due to injuries or just need of extra depth.

Who will be the backups with Dak being the obvious starter at QB? Comment below and join the discussion!

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