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Cowboys Managerial Malfeasance: The Real Cause Of Their Disastrous Start

The Dallas Cowboys season has begun. Unfortunately, so has Jerry Jones’ typical malfeasance. Due to it, it feels like the season is already over. With Dak Prescott out for 4-6 weeks with surgery on his thumb and no Tyron Smith, it looks like the Cowboys are in big trouble.

Malfeasance has a very simple definition. It is defined as “Wrongdoing, especially by a public official.” That’s the best word I can think of for what is going on in Dallas with the Cowboys right now. It’s just plain wrong, and it’s coming from their biggest official, Dallas Cowboys Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones.

Jerry has been sticking his unwanted fingers in the pie for over 30 years. He was lucky that he had a great coach like Jimmy Johnson, at the beginning of his tenure, or people would have wised up to his nonsense a lot earlier. Things have been wrong ever since Jimmy left, but I’ve never seen things as bad as this year. Jerry has somehow found a way to top himself as the “gnat at the barbecue.” This season he’s practically a biting horsefly.

The Malfeasance With Tyron Smith

Any fan who watches this team every Sunday knows that Tyron Smith is getting near the twilight of his career. For a good four years, we’ve seen him in and out of the lineup. We’ve even seen him looking like Robocop with all the braces he wears on the field when he does play. It’s painfully obvious his body is breaking down. It is a tough game, and this happens to A LOT of players.

So, if I can see this happening to Tyron from my couch why did Jerry wait until this offseason to draft his eventual successor? I feel like this should have been done at least three years ago. I know I’m not alone in this sentiment either. Left tackle is arguably the second most important position on offense just behind the quarterback. It doesn’t matter how good your QB is if he can’t stay upright. The malfeasance doesn’t stop there though.

To add insult to injury after Tyron went down this season, Jerry was quoted as saying, “The skill players will have to pick up the slack.” If this quote isn’t damning to how bad of a football mind Jerry Jones has then I don’t know what is. This game is all about the big guys and the battles won in the trenches. The skill players just get the glory for the big guys’ hard work. Dak Prescott can’t block for himself. Ezekiel Elliot can’t open up his own holes. CeeDee Lamb can’t give Dak enough time to get himself open. It simply doesn’t work that way.

He really said that! You can’t make this stuff up, people.

What was Jerry’s solution to all this? If you guessed sign a 40-year-old who used to be a well-known player then you have been watching this team for as long as I have. That’s a typical move from Jerry. He loves those big names and has a hard time understanding that the time comes for all of us. He’s a sucker for flash over substance.

No offense to Jason Peters. I wish him nothing but the best. I’m just skeptical because I’ve been burned so many times. Tom Brady is really the only exception in football for being successful after 40. The odds just aren’t good.

General Cowboys Malfeasance

For quite some time now the Cowboys have been one of the better teams at finding undrafted talent. It seems to be pointed out every pre-season for a good two decades. There’s just one problem with this. That’s not a good thing. If that’s happening it means you’re bungling your draft picks. Undrafted players will occasionally win spots and beat out drafted players. It happens on every team. You don’t want that happening at a high frequency for your team though.

Jerry Jones doesn’t ever seem to understand the middle ground. When it comes to free agents this is especially true. It’s either average roster fillers or big names with issues. It’s either Tarell Bashem or Greg Hardy to use as an example. That’s a terrible way to run a team, and a pretty surefire way to disrupt a locker room. You’re essentially telling the anchors of the team that they either get an average supporting cast or a supporting cast with baggage. Neither option sounds good if you’re a player.

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Jerry makes me this mad, sometimes.

The Greatest Malfeasance Of All: The Quarterback Position

Quarterback is the most critical position in football. If you want to win a Super Bowl you need a good one. The teams that have won without one are few and far between. It can happen, but you have to get very lucky. There is a minimal margin for error.

Just look at the teams that go deep in the playoffs every year. They all have good quarterbacks.

The Cowboys are TERRIBLE at quarterback evaluation. If they hadn’t gotten lucky with Tony Romo and Dak Prescott who were an undrafted free agent and a fourth-round pick that was drafted as a backup respectively. This team would be a complete bottom feeder. Couple this with the fact that Andy Dalton is the best backup they’ve probably signed this century, and it’s really no wonder this team struggles in December and January.

Now, this week I hear reports of more malfeasance from Bryan Broaddus that Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy doesn’t know the verbiage of the playbook. How is this possible for a head coach? For once, I’m at a loss for words on that note.



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