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Cowboys’ Gallup Poll Says Astounding News

The Dallas Cowboys fans got great news on Thursday. As many reporters wrote about Dak Prescott throwing to Michael Gallup as he was running routes for the first time since his injury seven months ago.

On Thursday, the Dallas Cowboys got to see some great developments that they had been waiting seven months for. The news was that wide receiver, Michael Gallup was out running routes as quarterback Dak Prescott was throwing spirals to him. What was the big deal? For the first time since last season in Week 17, the team and the media were getting to see him precisely cutting on his ACL injured knee after the Chargers/Cowboys dual practice. Cowboys were guests of the Los Angeles Chargers for the second day where many are saying the real evaluations are taking place.

Michael Gallup News

According to Calvin Watkins and Michael Gehiken of the Dallas Morning News, “Michael Gallup running a Digg route and some slants post-practice with Dak Prescott throwing. Just part of the process of rehab.” This is so good to hear. I was a little down after at the beginning of training camp that he was telling the media that it “is not a reasonable possibility” for him to play against the Buccaneers in Week One. Then I think the fact that no one wanted to guess when Gallup might be back to the team this season.

Other Dallas Wide Receivers

However, many reporters that have covered the game longer than I have said that there are little signs that the Cowboys are good with where they are at the wide receiver position. One of these is Bryan Broaddus on his podcast, Love of the Star said, “If Stephen Jones and others are saying, ‘listen, you guys are overreacting to this wide receiver thing,’ then that tells me that they feel good enough about what Noah Brown’s been able to do. I think Noah Brown’s played really, really well in camp.”

After seeing the wide receiver corps against the Denver Broncos in the first preseason game, personally, I have been impressed with Simi Fehoko. He has only had two passes thrown to him, but one of them was for a touchdown. However, I think his route running has impressed me. Dallas has shown that they wanted to see how Jalen Tolbert was going to be against live defenses in the preseason game. Of course, Dallas has running back Tony Pollard and tight end Dalton Schultz should be ready to catch some passes as needed.

When Could We See Gallup?

Bryan Broaddus continued on his podcast, “If that’s the confidence you have, that’s kinda telling me that maybe Michael Gallup is not gonna miss four games. Maybe Michael Gallup misses one game, the Tampa game and then we see him for Cincinnati.” He is still on the active/physically unable to perform list at the bottom of the depth list on the Cowboys’ official website.

I would love to see him come back against Cincinnati. Jessie Bates is still sitting out for the Bengals. Many are saying he may not even be back once the season starts since the Bengals are looking for trading partners. Even though they have drafted some good players in the secondary, I think Michael Gallup can take advantage of them if he’s ready to play. I guess that’s the question we are left with though. Can he be ready that quickly? I don’t think so. Honestly, I think we are looking at the third or fourth game before we see him. What do all of you think? Let me know in the comments.

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