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Cowboys Free Agency: Two Tight Ends That Could Replace Dalton Schultz

With NFL free agency upon us our Dallas Cowboys have 24 players that are going to be free agents. Already knowing that the Cowboys are not going to sign everyone back, let’s do a deep dive into one player whose future with the Cowboys is uncertain and that is the tight end, Dalton Schultz. We’ll also get into two possible free agents who I feel could replace Schultz.

Dalton Schultz

In week one, tight end Blake Jarwin went down with a knee injury in the first half, the next day it was announced that it was a Torn ACL. Which made Schultz tight end one, and where he took advantage of the opportunity. With a career-high in every stat category, he accumulated 78 receptions, 808 receiving yards, and eight touchdowns (tied for team lead).

In these two years, Dalton showed he is a formidable and reliable tight end. In free agency, Schultz’s market value is 12.6 million dollars in an annual salary. Which may not be the number the Cowboys are looking to spend. Now with that being said let’s get into the two free agents that I feel could possibly replace Dalton Schultz.

Will Cowboys re-sign Dalton Schultz in offseason? – Powered By PickUp

Free Agent Possibilities

Mo Alie Cox – Indianapolis Colts

2021-22 stats- 24 receptions, 316 yds, and four touchdowns in 17 games

The former VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) Power forward turned NFL tight end. Before the NFL, Cox hadn’t played organized football since his freshman year of high school. But while in Indy, he has solidified a pleasant career while also developing a nice tight end tandem with Jack Doyle.

What Cowboy fans will like about him is that he is a willing blocker. Also, he utilizes his hoop skills to grab the high ball. Overall, Cox is a blue-collar type of player that is willing to take a hit and then some to get the extra yard or a touchdown. He would bring good value to the Cowboys and his market value is looking between three-six million a year which could be more up the Cowboys’ alley.

OJ Howard – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

21-22 stats- 14 receptions,135 yds, and one touchdown in 17 games

Former 2017 first-round pick OJ Howard out of Alabama, his career hasn’t panned out how we thought it was going to be. It wasn’t because of a lack of talent but by reason of injuries. In 2018 he was suffering foot and ankle injuries. On top of that, in week four of the 2020 season, he suffered a torn Achilles. In my honest opinion injuries have pushed his career back.

But when healthy, Howard has shown that he’s a formidable tight end. Looking back in his first three years in the league he has averaged over 400 yards a year to use to his advantage in the free-agent market.

Lastly, being behind two veteran tight ends such as Rob Gronkowski and Cameron Brate doesn’t make it better. When you have two other talented tight ends the receptions are going to be minimalized. So that being said Howard still can be a valuable tight end. He is only 27 years old which is another reason I could see the Cowboys being interested in him. My last reason is his market value this year is only 2.2 million a year and again that could be more up the Cowboys’ alley.

Final Thoughts

So there are two possible replacements if Dalton Schultz doesn’t come back. I believe either one would bring value to our Dallas Cowboys. Whether it is purely for blocking or pass-catching, they would find a role if Schultz does not return to Dallas and they are brought in.


Do you think the Dallas Cowboys are going to re-sign Dalton Schultz? Comment below and join the discussion!

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Y/N: Will Cowboys franchise tag Schultz? – Powered By PickUp

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